english in north america

  • puritans

    protestants who wished to purify the anglican church
  • bacons rebellion

    attack led by nathanial baconagainst american indians and the colonial government in virginia
  • merchantalism

    the founding of the restoration colonies was driven by the crowns faith in the economic policy
  • jamestown

    it was located on a low wooded pninsulanear a marsh infested with disease carrying mosquitos
  • john smith

    an adventurous explorer mapmaker and soldier
    president of the council of settlers
  • indentured servants

    a bound period of years to the person who paid his or her way to america
  • pilgrims

    peoplem who left england of religious conflict
  • southern society

    ag based, they used the slave system. wealthy farmers lived closest to the water.

    slave system people working for no money, african americans. treated badly.
  • glorious revolution

    protestant oposition staged a bloodless rebellion
  • great awakening

    a series of religious revivals
  • enlightment

    a revolution of ideas
  • steam engine

    allowed boats to go upstream. and the invention on the train.