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U.S. History Timeline

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  • Lincoln Elected President

    Lincoln Elected President
    Abraham Lincoln wins the presidential election.
  • Grant Elected President

    Grant Elected President
    Ulysses S. Grant is elected as the next president.
  • Cleveland Elected President

    Cleveland Elected President
    Grover Cleveland is elected as the next president.
  • McKinley Elected President

    McKinley Elected President
    William McKinley is elected as the new president.
  • First Airplane Flight

    First Airplane Flight
    The Wright Brothers achieve the first successful airplane flight.
  • Wilson Elected President

    Wilson Elected President
    Woodrow Wilson is elected as the next president.
  • Women Gain Rights

    Women Gain Rights
    Nineteenth Amemendment grats women the right to vote.
  • Hoover Elected President

    Hoover Elected President
    Herbert Hoover is elected as president.
  • Unemployment

    Over 8.02 million Americans are unemployed.
  • Movie Released

    Movie Released
    The Wizard of Oz is released in movie theatres.
  • Hydrogen Bomb

    Hydrogen Bomb
    The U.S. explodes its very first Hydrogen bomb.
  • Kennedy Elected President

    Kennedy Elected President
    John F. Kennedy is elected as president.
  • Protest in South Dakota

    Protest in South Dakota
    Native Americans stage protest at Wounded Knee, South Dakota.
  • Me!

    I was brought into the world!! :)
  • 9/11 Tragedy

    9/11 Tragedy
    The 9/11 attack by two airplanes on the World Trade Center or the Twin Towers took place.