Angelica's life

By 613
  • I was born

    I was born
    The day i was born
  • I met my older sister and brother.

    my sister and brother have a different mom then me so i didn't meet them until my 2nd birthday.
  • I started kindergarden

    I started kindergarden
    Kindergarden is when i first started school. Also i had my first best friend.
  • I moved

    I moved
    I moved to Greeley over the summer and had to go to second grade at a new school. I got to meet my next best friend.
  • I broke my arm

    I broke my arm
    in second grade I broke both bones in my arm. The hospital made me wait 11 hours before taking me into surgery.
  • My great grandpa passed away

    When i was younger my dad and i used to go visit my great grandpa. then 10 days before his 105th birthday he died.
  • I broke my arm again

    I broke my arm again
    I broke my arm for the second time. this time i only broke one arm.
  • My grandma passed away

    I was very close to my grandma but she passed away over the summer. I remember we had to cut vacation short to come back so we could see her before she died.
  • Katiana was born

    My little sister was born very sick. She ended up being okay and i was excited because i had wanted a little sister for a long time.
  • Dad left

    My dad left to new york for a business trip. I was sad because me and my dad are very close.
  • Moved again

    I moved back to Fort Collins and started at another new school. Then i met another new best friend who is still my best friend.
  • Present day

    Sitting next to destiny finishing my timeline. Just need to add the rest of my pictures.