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  • Moved

    i was in boulder for a while then my gramma died so i had to move to Fort Collins. Witch was a good choice cause i love every thing and every one.
  • Gramma

    it was a rough time for my mom and all my aunts. But we have let it go. We still cry till this day though. For example, i was looking at my baby book with my mom and she found a birhtday card from my gramma and it said, " Every mother diserves a good daughter like you. I love you happy 18th birthday love you bunches mom." My mom and i started crying.
  • Mack

    This time was really hard for my family because my cousin was born a year after my grammya died and even less i think and i felt very special because i was the only grandaughter that my gramma has ever met so it just made me kinda happy and sad at the same time. so thats why this event is actually kinda sad.
  • started school

    started school
    that was a scary day it was my first time at school and i did not know wat to do. I wouldent let go of my moms leg. I cried and i was not ready for school it was to big and scary for me. I dident like it. But then i got used to it and i go every day from k-8 so far. I still have a long way to go...
  • Consert

    It was fun i was on my moms shoulders. Dont remember who was playing. It was fun. All i remember is a fight breaking out and my mom taking me home. hahaha
  • Pepper

    it was my 8 birthday and my aunt came out of her car with a black small little soft puppy. It was one of the happiest times of my life i will never in my life forget that day. No till this day i will still hang out with her if i had her. She ran away about a year ago i still miss her she is one of my sissters. Hahaha
  • Car accident

    Car accident
    It was really scary i was in the front and the air bag came to my face. It hurt really bad.
  • Leg

    This story is kind of funny. Cause i was at rollor land skateing with my friends and i was jumping up and down with my friends and i fell on my leg and broke it in three places.
  • Middle school

    Middle school
    It was scary at first but thin i got used to it. My mom cried on that day too! ahah
    Although middle school is kind of scary it gets better. I made a lot of new friends went out with some boys it was fun. Now i only have one year to go till high school!
  • Phone

    It was a very happy day. An early chrismas present. HAAHA i love it, I never knew how to text when i got it. But now thats all i do. hahaha
  • The newest fest

    The newest fest
    It was a blast i went with my step sis i was right next to a mosh pitt. We staid out for a long time. it was so much fun. hahaha
  • Arn

    I was in my back yard playing in my tree and fell out and screamed. My mom freaked out and called 911! ahaha