-My life *

By 18260
  • I was born

    When I was born i met my sisters' Janae and Candace and my brother Kyle for the first time.
  • My sister Lexi was born

    My little sister Lexi was born and hapens to be one of the less annoying ones.
  • Death of my great-grandma

    I didn't really know much when my grandma died but when she did it was very important in the family because she was a mom to some and a second to everyone else.
  • My brother Mario was born

    On this day I got to have another sibbling to annoy me and bug
  • First day of Kinder

    My first day of kindergarten was my first day of learning about school and how to be the geneius that I am now. Also, to meet new friends.
  • New house

    This day I took over the house without any brothers' or sisters'.
  • Jade's birtth

    And another annoying sibbling was born.
  • Vacation in Florida

    Going to Orlando was great because that's when I got over my fear of rollercoasters and learned how to swim underwater.
  • California

    Even though I've been to California like 2 times before... This is when i can actually remember what happens and everything.
  • My First Niece

    First time I became an aunt.
  • Got my first phone

    On my birthday I got this blue flip phone and a couple days later I figured out how to text really fast.