Interesting Australian Prime Ministers

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    Previous Australian Prime ministers

  • Andrew Fisher

    Andrew Fisher first became Prime Minister in 1908, Alfred Deakin then took over in 1909 but Andrew Fisher once again won the support of Australian citizens in 1910
  • John Curtain

    John Curtain was famous for his time as the Australian Prime Minister durinh the devastating world war 2. many people claim John Curtain to be one of the greatest prime ministers Australia has had due to his remarkable efforts during the war. unfortunatly, Prime Minister Curtain didn't witness the war draw to a close. he bacame the second Australian Prime Minister to die in office.
  • Harold Holt

    This was when Harold Holt first became Prime Minister. not long after a phrase you may be familiar with "the Harold Holt" became popular after Prime Minister Holt disappeared while swimming at Cheviot Beach in Victoria.
  • Gough Whitlam

    Gough Whitlam is the Australian Prime Minister responsible for symbolically handing back the land to Vincent Lingarie, leader of the 8 year walk off. Famous song writer Paul Kelly wrote a song about this remarkable event titled "from little things ,big things grow"
  • Bob Hawke

    Bob Hawke was the 23rd Prime Minister of Australia and longest serving Australian Labor Party Prime Minister. He became by far the longest-serving and most electorally successful Labor Prime Minister, achieving the rare feat of winning four consecutive federal elections after coming to power at the 1983 federal election. He is Australia's third longest-serving Prime Minister.
  • Paul Keating

  • John Howard

  • Keven Rudd

    Keven Rudd defeated John Howard in 2007. He became known for his aussie phrases and famous for the Julia Gillard saga where he was figurativly 'back stabbed' and denounced as Prime Minister.