The Life of Matthew

  • Day I Was Born

    This is the day i was born in a hospital in Asheville, NC. I'm pretty sure my mom was there.
  • 1st Steps

    I took my first steps. It was beast.
  • 1st Word

    I spoke my first word. My first word was ball because i loved baseball when i was a baby.
  • Baseball

    This is when i started playing T ball.
  • Basketball

    I started my 1st year of playing basketball.
  • Baptized

    I dedicated my life to Christ. I got baptized.
  • Homerun

    I hit my 1sthomerun in canton farm leauge. It was an in the park homerun.
  • Wrestling

    On this day i won my 1st wrestling match. I have been wrestling a long time because my step dad has been a wrestling coach for a really long time.
  • Disney World

    I went to Walt Disney World. I saw Mickey.
  • 1st day of 8th Grade

    I went to my 1st day of my last year of middle school.