History of the Internet

  • First Packet Switching Network

    Paul Baran of RAND created packet switching networks which had no single point of failure
  • ARPANET Founded

    ARPANET was created by DARPA and it was the first true network that was commisioned for research purposes.
  • First cross country link installed

    AT&T installed the first network link between UCLA and BBN. This later was replaced with a faster line from DARPA.
  • 15 Nodes are connected to the internet

    The 15 nodes were: UCLA, SRI, UCSB, Univ of Utah, BBN, MIT, RAND, SDC, Harvard, Lincoln Lab, Stanford, UIU(C), CWRU, CMU, and NASA/Ames
  • Email started

    Email on APRANET became more popular because of the founding of the "@" (at) symbol.
  • First Computer to Computer Chat

    UCLA became the first people to have a computer to computer chat. They talked about the problems of the internet.
  • TELNET Specifications are Created

    The Telnet Specifications (RFC 318) are posted
  • First International Connection

    The first connection between University College of London (England) connect through NORSAR (Norway)
  • First File Transfer Specification

    RFC 454 became the first ARPANET file transfer protocal specification.
  • Network Voice Protocol Founded

    The network voice protocol (NVP) allowed conference calls over ARPANET.
  • ARPA Study shows email is 75% of all traffic over ARPANET

  • BBN opens Telenet

    BBN opened Telenet, which was the first public packet data service which was the first comercial equivelent to ARPANET.
  • UNIX and UUCP released

    Unix-to-Unix CoPy and Unix are released by AT&T Bell Labs
  • Mail Specication Released

    RFC 733 ARPANET Mail Specification is Released.
  • TCP Splits into TCP and IP

  • First Spam Message

    The first spam message is sent advertising the DECSYSTEM-20 Computer
  • ARPANET Halts due to an accidental status messge virus

  • More than 1,000 Hosts

  • More than 10,000 Hosts

  • NSFNET backbone network upgrated to a T1 line

    The network was upgraded to support 1.544Mbps
  • IRC Created

    Internet Relay Chat is developed by Jarkko Oikarinen
  • Australia connected to internet

    Australia is connected to NSFNET via Hawaii
  • More than 100,000 hosts

  • ARPANET is closed

  • EFF Founded

    The Elctronic Frontier Foundation is founded by Mitch Kapor
  • world.std.com becomes the first public dial-up provider

    The world is connected by world.std.com whome is the first commercial provider of dialup internet access
  • World Wide Web founded by CERN

    CERN relased the World Wide Web (WWW) with the first web server: nxoc01.cern.ch now known as info.cern.ch
  • More than a million hosts

  • SUN relases JAVA

  • Dialup becomes popular

    Many dialup providers are founded like CompuServe, AOL, and Prodigy)
  • The Exhaustion of IPv4 Addresses

    Everyone will be forced to switch to IPv6 otherwise the number of address will run out forcing the internet to stop accepting new users.