History of the Internet

By rodent
  • Arpanet

    packet switching technology is a digital network communications method that groups all transmitted data
  • Unix

    Unix is a computer operating system
  • Arpenet network

    "Interface message processer" computers used to connect to the netwrok in 1970
  • Email

    Email was invented by Ray Tomlinson who desicded to use the @ symbol to seperate the user name from the computer name
  • First trans-Atlantic connection and the popularity of emailing

  • The beginning of TCP/IP

    TCP/IP is transmission control protocol/internet protocol
  • The email client

    Is a computer program used to manage email adding the Reply and Forward funtion
  • PC modem

    Is a device that converts between analog and digital signals
  • BBS

    The Bulliten Board System is a system that allows the user to leave messages and access information of general intrest
  • MUD

    The earliest form of multiplayer games
  • Usenet

    Internet based disscusion system
  • Enquire software

    Known today as www
  • The first emoticon

    A representaions of a facial expression
  • Arpanet computers switch over to TCP/IP

  • Desktop workstaions

  • DNS

    Domain Name System
  • Protocol wars

  • The Internet grows

    30 000 hosts on the internet
  • IRC

    Internet Relay chat (real-time chat)
  • AOL is launched

  • Proposal for world wide web

  • First comercial dial up ISP

  • Worldwideweb protocols finished

    The code for the www was written by Tim Berners-Lee
  • First web page created

  • First content based search protocol

  • MP3 becomes standard

  • First webcam

  • Mosaic

    first graphical web browser for the general public
  • Government joined the fun

  • Netscape Navigator

  • Commercialization of the internet

  • Geocities, the vatican goes online and javascript

  • First web-based service

    Hotmail, the first webmail was launched
  • The term "weblog" is coined

  • Birth of Google

  • Internet based file sharing gets is roots

    Napster was launched
  • Wikipedia was launched

  • VoIP goes mainstream

    Skype is released
  • MySpace becomes most popular social network

  • Web 2.0

  • Social media and Digg

  • Facebook open to collage student

  • YouTube

  • Twitter

  • The iphone and the mobile web

  • Major move to place TV shows online

  • Internet election