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History of the internet

  • President Eisenhower requests funds to create ARPA

    ARPA is part of DARPA which is the defenceadvanced research projects agency
  • ARPA is created as part of the Air Force services

  • Unix is invented

    Unix is an operating system which linux and many other operating systems are based on
  • Birth of Internet ARPANET commissioned by DoD for research into networking

    Birth of Internet ARPANET commissioned by DoD for research into networking
    Arpamet is packet switching technology
  • First ARPANet node is installed

  • Arpanet network

    "Interface message processor" computers used to connet to the network
  • People communicate over email for the first time

    Ray Tomlinson decided to use @ to seperate the user name from the computer name
  • Global Networking becomes a reality

  • Intel 8080 rocessor released

  • The email client

    Reply and Forward functionality
  • TCP is designed by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn

  • The PC modem

    Invented by Dennis Hayes and Dale Heatherington
  • TCP split into TCP and IP

    TCP split into TCP and IP
  • The Bulletin Board System

    The Bulletin Board System
    A Bulletin Board System, or BBS, is a computer system running software that allows users to connect and log in to the system using a terminal program
  • IP and TCP is established

  • Arpanet computers switch over to TCP/IP

  • Domain Name System

  • 10,000 Hosts on the internet

  • The Internet grows

    30,000 hosts on the internet (backbone speed of 56Kbps)
  • Internet relay chat

    Internet relay chat
    real time chat, origins of msn
  • First commercial dial up ISP

    1990 also brought about the first commercial dial-up Internet provider, the world This year Arpanet also ceased to exist
  • World Wide Web protocols finished

    The code for the World Wide Web was written by Tim Berners Lee based on the proposal from the year before, along with the standards for HTML, HTTP and URLs
  • User friendly interface introduced to the WWW

  • First web page created

  • First content based search protocol

  • 1 Million hosts

  • InterNIC created

    Internet Network Information Center was responsible for the domain name
  • Mosaic

    First graphical web browser for the general public
  • Netscape, the first web browser was invented

    Netscape, the first web browser was invented
  • Netscape navigator

    netscape is a web browser, popular in the 1990s
  • Commercialization of the internet

    Netscape kaing it safer to conduct financial transactions (like credit card payments) online
  • First web based email sentence

  • The term weblog is coined

    blogs are maintained by an individual who updates it
  • Google

    Google is the only company that has an exobit of storage
  • Internet based file sharing

  • 20 million websites on the internet

  • Wikipedia is launched

    Wikipedia is launched
  • Myspace becomes most popular network

  • VoIP goes mainstream

    Skype is released to the public giving a user-friendly interface to Voice over IP calling
  • Facebook launches

  • Web 2.0

    Web 2.0 features social networking
  • Social media and digg

  • Youtube launches

  • Twitter

  • The iphone is launched

    The iphone is launched
    First mobile internet capabilities
  • TV online

    Adds flourished on the internet as well
  • Internet election

    elections were able to b voted online if you were over seas at the time
  • Holographic internet app released on iphone 10

    that is my view of the future of the inernet