Music and technology

  • Before Technology

    Before Technology
    If you wanted to hear the beautiful music, back in the days, you had to go see a live preformance in a hall or auditorium or get someone to preform or play for you. Those days were harsh.
  • Gramophone

    Also known as the Phonograph in the earlier days before the phone this invention was used to record sounds and later on developed into the telephone. And then into the gramohpone in 1892 which played records which are round objects that play music, and made millions of dollars (as the economy was different back then) and continued to sell (record dics and gramophones) until th 1920s when the radio came out and shortly followed by the record player.
  • The Radio

    The Radio
    The radio is one of the most successfull inventions of all time, it started from the gramophone and the telephone, so one day Oliver Lodge and Alexander Muirhead carried out Thomas Eddisons experiments, as he had attempted to create the radio after the gramophone and telephone, and the two proffessers successfully created the invention that is still used today that we call the radio.
  • The Record Player

    The Record Player
    The record player is an upgrade from the gramophone that was so much easier to work, because it didnt have the big megaphone attached to it and you could just hook it up to your speakers and it was all set to go. It still uses the same technology as the gramophone including the needle and records but it was the next great thing.
  • The Cassette Tape

    The Cassette Tape
    The next big invention since the record player and radio, more compact, and more easier to work, no more needles and big records, the cassette tape is one easy step... Put it into the machine, and press play. It's easier to work, more compact, and less likeley to get damged like thoose big records that can scratch as easily as eating a bean.
  • The Walkman

    The Walkman
    The Cassette Tape keeps getting better! Now it can be LISTENED to on the go with the new Walkman!!! You can take it on runs or in the car, wherever your want to go your music, and your walkman can come with you in your pocket!!!
  • Compact Disc/CD Player

    Compact Disc/CD  Player
    People thought that the cassette tape and walkman was the greatest thing in the world when it came to all your musical needs. But now the greates thing is out. A CD. You can put it in your CD player in the car, or at your house, and just press play, no more tangled mess with cassette tapes or big records. Just one simple disc, with everything you need in it.
  • First Generation Ipod

    First Generation Ipod
    The new big thing, it's like the cassette tape and the CD combined. The best of both worlds. No mess with all the tapes, and no big machines in your pocket. Playing the best your CD gives you, put as compact as the cassette tape. The iPod. Plug it into your computer, put your CD's into the computer. Drag the music on and you can have100s of songs in your pocket and on the go!!!
  • Ipod Nanos, And Classics

    Ipod Nanos, And Classics
    Now the ipods, better than the old cruddy things you carried in your pocket, now you can carry MILLIONS, thats right MILLIONS of songs in your pocket with the new ipod classic, and also the Ipod chromatic, with a CAMERA, so now you can record all thoose moments when you dont have a camera, and also this new ipod plays videos, you can play games on it, and also listen to the radio, and of course, listen to your favourite music.
  • The Smart Phone

    The Smart Phone
    It is here, evolution has came to this. The smart phone. The Iphone. It mixes your average phone with an ipod and... a computer. It is pretty much a computer in your pocket. You can call your mates, Video call your mates, listen to music, watch videos watch TV, play games txt.... THE LIST JUST GOES ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Future For Musical Technology

    The Future For Musical Technology
    Think about it hard... Think about the smart phone. How could it get better than that?? What will people come up with?? Nobody knows. But the future for CD's cassettes and records has already been predictided. They will all go bankrupt and all the music will downloaded off the internet. Many people hope it will not come to that. But everyone knows it will...Eventually.