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Mighigan timeline

  • Period: to

    Michigan (1600-2010)

  • The first military outpost

    The first military outpost
    The first military outpost, For de Buade (Fort Michilimackinac) is established at St. Ignace.
  • The Griffin

    The Griffin
    The Griffin, the first sailing vessel on the Great Lakes was built by Ren'e Robert Caveleir de la Salle. It was later lost in a storm on lake Michigan.
  • Detroit was founded

    Detroit was founded
    Detroit was founded as Fort Pontchartrain by French explorer and Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac
  • The treaty of Paris

    The treaty of Paris
    Michigan becomes part of the united States with the signing of the treaty of Paris which ended the American revolution. (The British did control Michigan for 13 more years after the treaty).
  • Part of the United states

    Part of the United states
    The British withdrew from Detroit. The U.S. flag is raised for the first time in Michigan.
  • The territory

    The territory
    The territory of Michigan was created. Detroit was named the capital of Michigan
  • Free state

    Free state
    Michigan was admitted as a free state
  • The Tigers

    The Tigers
    The Tigers first official American league game.
  • World War 1

    World War 1
    Michigan had 135,485 men involved in World War 1
  • New ballpark

    New ballpark
    The Detroit Tigers opened in their new ballpark, comerica park. It was a cold, snowy day with temperatures just above freezing.