• 1950'S

    This is a serious course upon which we embark. I would not recommend it except that the alternative is much more serious. The United States contributed $341,000,000,000 toward winning World War II. This is an investment in world freedom and world peace. The assistance that I am recommending for Greece and Turkey amounts to little more than 1 tenth of 1 percent of this investment. It is only common sense that we should safeguard this investment and make sure that it was not in vain.
  • Korean war begins

    In june 25 ,1950 the united states had a conflict between communist and non-communist .that lead Truman to order U.S forces into ivade south korean then the chises troops where with a draw withthe korean troops .After that the Janpanese peace treaty was sighed in san franciso.
  • testing hydrogen bombs

    after that in 1952 Trumanraise the stakes by testing 10 million ton's of hydrogen bomb's .the goverment then claimed the honor of the radioactive noclear weapons
  • 1953

    then in 1953, 54,000 U.S troops diein battle.And neigher U.S or korena had gain a inch of land .
  • 1954

    nasser becomes premier egyptian he was army officer and a political leader first president of the republic of egypt.
  • 1955's

    Nikolai A. soviet military and political leader served ona military council in world 2 becomes soviot premier replacing Malenkov,georgi .
  • 1956

    Autherine lucy, the first black student at the university of alabama is suspended after riots.
  • 1957

    Eisenhower Doctrine calls for aid to mideast countries that resist armed aggression from communis-controlled nations
  • 1958

    Army's jupiter-c rocket fires first U.S satellite , explorer 1into orit
  • 1959

    Alaska becomes the 49th state in untiled states of america
  • 1959

    Hawaii becomes 50th state in untiled states of america