The history of 1990's

  • computers 1990's

    In the 19902's computers became popular in homes. For many people it was hard to imagine life without a computer. People use computers for information, entertainmennt, and work. But when peolpe started building robots people were getting replaced in their job's. They used the computer for warfare missles.
  • Persain Gulf War

    The war finally ended and Iraq leaves Kuwait. There were lots of money problems in the past . The money problem still exsits.
  • Persain Gulf War

    Iraq invaded Kuwait. The U.S began a massive war to destroy Iraqs military.
  • The internet

    In the 1991 lots of peolpe started using the internet. The internet was good for work because it shared info, pictures, videos, and it also had sound's. It was called the web browser. The web browser had over a billion pages of information. The web browser had shops, games, music, and emails. Million of people started getting addicted to the internet.
  • Roney King

    Riots in L.A. sparked off by four policemen beaten up a black motorist gave America its worst taste of distrubence since the burning down of the Black Suberb of Wexin 1965 .4,000 National Guard were called in to quite riotors ,and units of Marines stand by if the situation got any worse.More than 50 people died on the streets.1,000's of people took advantage of the situation.With the police force not to be seen any where any thing was game.People protected their storys themselfs.
  • Bill clinton speech

    Today our nation joins with you in grief. We mourn with you. We share your hope against hope that some may still survive. We thank all those who have worked so heroically to save lives and to solve this crime -- those here in Oklahoma and those who are all across this great land, and many who left their own lives to come here to work hand in hand with you. We pledge to do all we can to help you heal the injured, to rebuild this city, and to bring to justice those who did this evil.