Adolf Hitler Life

By kahn22
  • Hitler's birth

    Hitler's birth
    was son to alois and klara hitler
  • Period: to

    Adolf Hitler

    Hitlers life to death
  • Adolf Hitler's fathes dies

    Adolf Hitler's fathes dies
  • Hitler leaves school

    Hitler leaves school at the of 16 and 2 years later gets turned from art school
  • Adolf Hitler's mother dies

    Adolf Hitler's mother dies
    after this event Hitler goes to Vienna
  • WWI begins

    WWI begins
    Hitler joins the German army. 3 monthes later he is awarded the second class
  • WWI ends

  • Hitler joins Germans workers party

  • Hitler goes to jail

    Hitler at this time writes the Mein Kampf
  • Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany

    Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany
  • Hitler becomes Dictator in Germany

  • night of long knives

  • WWII

    Germany invaded Poland thus starting the second world war
  • Hitlers death

    Hitlers death
    hitler died from gunshot to right temple in his fuher bunker