Months 336 through 348

Timeline created by liz1852
  • Engagement

    We got engaged!
  • Marriage to David!!!

    Marriage to David!!!
    The oh so beautiful Justice O' Peace wedding. It was a short engagement to say the least. I wouldn't have had it any other way.
  • Mini-Moon

    Go on our "mini-moon" of a honeymoon. Note to self, visit off-season destinations for a more secluded vacation. We rented a cabin on the Guadalupe river and did some shopping in San Marcos.
  • Honeymoon!!!

    We left for the big honeymoon over his spring break. Visited San Francisco and Napa Valley. Still a little off-season for Napa Valley. But it was still beautiful!
  • Sold House!

    We were able to sell my house! Yay!!
  • Trip to Arizona

    Trip to Arizona
    Took David to visit my favorite place EVER! Sedona Arizona and went hiking
  • Adoption

    We adopted sweet Little Lucy!!!