Kelsey's odyssey

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  • Golden birthday

    Golden birthday
    june 6th is when i was born. So whenever i turned 6, it was my golden birthday. it was really fun, and all my family celebrated.
  • Paducah Ky

    Paducah Ky
    My uncle owns a farm there, and we we visited once in the summer, when i was 12. I loved it there becasue there were horses, a lake, and there was always a B.B.Q. I enjoyed going fishing and horse-back riding with my family.
  • Camping in Oklahoma

    Camping in Oklahoma
    I went camping with my dad, my step mom, and my brothers and sisters. It was a long drive, and i slept in the back of a van, but it was so worth it when we got there becasue i got to see my family members who live in Carolina and have lots of fun.
  • I got my dog Bella

    I got my dog Bella
    I was soo excited because it was my day early bit=rthday present, considering my birthday is june 6th. She was so adorible. I still have her, she is just alot bigger, and about to have a litter of puppies.
  • Sick made Music Video

    Sick made Music Video
    Me and my sister were The Nuns with guns. we had our faces pinted, and be had full nun outfits on. We worked really hard and it got done finally. Even though it took forever to be finished, it was all worth it.