chris's indian timeline

By chma21
  • 500

    begining of cult

    Beginning of Bhakti cult in Tamil Nadu
  • Period: 500 to


  • Apr 20, 1050

    Chola conquers

    Chola Empire conquers Srivijaya, Malaya and the Maldives
  • Apr 20, 1192

    capured delhi

    Mohammad of Ghori defeats Prithvi Raj, captures Delhi and establishes a Muslim sultanate at Delhi
  • Apr 20, 1556

    best ruler

    Humayun dies and his son Akbar becomes one of the greatest rulers of India
  • Taj Mahal

    Shah Jahan succeeds Jahangir and builds the world famous Taj Mahal
  • Britain becomes leader

    Britain becomes the leading colonial power in India
  • Britain expands

    Britain expands to Bengal and Bihar
  • Indian independence

    First War of Indian Independence also known as Revolt of 1857 or Sepoy Mutiny
  • Take over

    British Crown officially takes over the Indian Government
  • Lord Curzon

    Lord Curzon becomes Governor-General and Viceroy of India
  • capitol shifted

    The Imperial capital shifted to Delhi from Calcutta