• declaration of independnce

    The Texas Declaration of Independence is signed by 58 delegates at an assembly at Washington-on-the-Brazos and the Republic of Texas is declared. David G. Burnet is elected interim president by the delegates. Texans defeated at the Battle of Agua Dulce.
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  • back at the alamo

    back at the alamo
    James B. Bonham arrives back at the Alamo telling Lt. Col. William B. Travis that Col. James Fannin was not coming.
  • santa anna holds council

    Santa Anna holds a council of war with Generals Joaquín Ramírez y Sesma, Martín Perfecto de Cos, Manuel F. Castrillón and Colonels Juan Almonte, Agustín Amat, Francisco Duque and Manuel Romero to plan the final assault. Sam Houston is appointed commander of Texas forces.
  • battle of the alamo

    battle of the alamo
    Battle of the Alamo: the Alamo falls. Approximately 190-250 Texians and Tejanos die. The thirteen-day siege resulted in the deaths of all of its defenders, including William B. Travis, Davy Crockett, and Jim Bowie.
  • houston retreats

    houston retreats
    Houston begins his retreat from Gonzales precipitating the Runaway Scrape.
  • burnet

    David G. Burnet becomes interim President of the Republic
  • battle of coleto

    battle of coleto
    Battle of Coleto: General Urrea defeats Colonel James Fannin near Goliad. Fannin surrenders.
  • battle of san jacinto

    battle of san jacinto
    Battle of San Jacinto: Texan army under Sam Houston overwhelmingly defeats Mexican force under Santa Anna, securing Texas independence. Santa Anna captured
  • treaties of velasco

    treaties of velasco
    Treaties of Velasco signed by Republic of Texas officials and General Santa Anna ending the Texas Revolution.
  • first congress

    first congress
    The First Texas Congress assembles at Columbia.
  • independance

    The United States recognizes Texas independence.
  • houston

    Houston becomes the temporary Capital of the Republic.
  • president

    Mirabeau B. Lamar becomes President of the Republic.
  • france

    France recognizes Texas independence.
  • cherokees

    The Cherokee under The Bowl accept President Lamar's proposal of compensated relocation into America's Arkansaw Territory, but refuse to begin preparation for departure
  • first day of battle

    The first day of the Battle of the Neches repulses a Cherokee attack against the Texian army under Gen. Kelsey Douglass
  • settlements

    The second day of the Battle of the Neches ends in a rout of the Cherokee, scattering them and their allies from their settlements on the upper Neches. Generals Rusk and Burleson command the Texians, and Vice President David G. Burnet and Secretary of War Albert Sidney Johnston are both wounded. Both Cherokee Chiefs The Bowl and Big Mush are killed.
  • the capital

    The Capital of the Republic is moved from Houston to Austin.
  • council house fight

    Council House Fight
  • new mexico were captured

    321 men under Hugh McLeod and George Thomas Howard at the behest of Governor Mirabeau B. Lamar began an invasion of Santa Fe. After confusing the Wichita River for the Red River they arrived on October 5 near present day Tucumcari, New Mexico, were captured without firing a shot and were marched to prison at the San Carlos Fortress in Perote, Veracruz before ultimately being released in June 1842. The disgrace was to lead to the return of Sam Houston.
  • sam houston became president

    Sam Houston becomes President of the Republic
  • a divison of the mexican army

    A division of the Mexican Army invades Texas and captures San Antonio and Goliad only to withdraw a few days later.
  • texans are killed

    36 Texans are surrounded and killed by the Mexican Army in the Dawson Massacre.
  • texans taken prisoner

    261 Texans are taken prisoner in the failed Mier Expedition
  • the people of austin

    The people of Austin fire on Texian officials attempting to move the government records to Houston at President Houston's request in the Texas Archive War.
  • texans are executed

    17 Texans from the Mier Expedition are executed by firing squad for attempting escape
  • texans relesed

    All Texas prisoners are released by Mexico on order from Santa Anna.
  • anson jones president

    Anson Jones becomes President of the Republic.
  • us bassed a bill

    The United States Congress passed a bill that would authorize the United States to annex the Republic of Texas.
  • john tyler signeed authoritaion bill

    U.S. President John Tyler signed the authorization bill.
  • approved a prposed state

    A majority of voters in the Republic approved a proposed state constitution
  • anextaion

    Annexation of the Republic of Texas by the United States of America.
    [edit] 1846
  • transfer of power to the state of texas

    Transfer of power to the State of Texas