4B Bella Vaccaro World History Timeline

  • Period: 5000 BCE to 3500 BCE

    Mesopotamian Civilization

    This civilization was located in the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Period: 3100 BCE to 332 BCE

    Egyptian Civilization

    Preeminent civilization in the Mediterranean World (http://www.history.com/topics/ancient-history/ancient-egypt
  • Period: 3000 BCE to 327 BCE

    Indian Civilization

    This was in modern day Pakistan and Northwest India.
  • 2580 BCE

    Pyramid of Cheops

    Pyramid of Cheops
    Also know as The Great Pyramid of Giza, it is the oldest and largest of the 3 pyramids in the Giza pyramid complex.
  • Period: 2000 BCE to 200 BCE

    Chinese Civilization

    This was near the Yellow River Valley
  • 1754 BCE

    Hammurabi's Code

    Hammurabi's Code
    It's a Babylonia law code and one of the oldest deciphered writings. From the Mesopotamian civilization
  • Period: 1550 BCE to 300 BCE

    Phoenician civilization

    This civilization was located in Canaan
  • Period: 1300 BCE to 135 BCE

    Hebrew Civilization

  • Period: 1237 BCE to

    Russian Civilization

    This was located above China and below the Artic
  • Period: 1200 BCE to 292

    Mesoamerican/South American

    This was in South and Central America
  • Period: 600 BCE to 490 BCE

    Persian Civilization

    This was located from Egypt to China
  • Period: 507 BCE to 323 BCE

    Hellenic civilization

    Was located in ancient Greece
  • 483 BCE

    Siddartha/ Buddha dies

    Siddartha/ Buddha dies
    Buddha is the founder of Buddhism
  • 480 BCE

    Battle of Thermopylae

    The battle was between Greek city-states, lead by King Leonidas, and the Persian Empire, lead by Xerxes 1.
  • 331 BCE

    Alexander the Great defeats Darius

    Alexander invaded the Persian Empire and defeated the Persians in several battles. However, before Alexander could get to Darius, he was killed by Bessus.
  • Period: 323 BCE to 31 BCE

    Hellenistic civilization

    Was located in the Middle East and far into Asia
  • Period: 300 BCE to

    Japanese Civilization

    This was off the coast of Asia
  • Period: 27 BCE to 476

    Roman Civilization

    This civilization was centered on the city of Rome
  • 221

    Qin rule begins

    Qin rule begins
    The Qin dynasty was the first unified state in the Chinese history, and the ruler was Qin Shi Huang.
  • 313

    Edict of Milan

    This established religious toleration for Christianity within the Roman Empire.
  • 330

    Constantinople made Capital

    Constantinople made Capital
    The city of Byzantium was renamed Constantinople and became the Capital of the Byzantine Empire.
  • Period: 330 to 1453

    Byzantine civilization

  • Period: 400 to 1400

    Middle Age Europe

  • 401

    Democracy Begins in Athens

    It compromised Athens and the surrounding territory of Attica. This was the 1st known democracy
  • 476

    Fall of Rome

    Fall of Rome
    Romulus was overthrown by Odoacer, the Germanic leader. Then he became the first Barbarian to rule in Rome.
  • 501

    Hagia Sophia is Built

    Hagia Sophia is Built
    Was ordered to be built by Justinian 1. Hagia Sophia means "Church of Holy Wisdom"
  • 622

    Hegira Begins

    Hegira Begins
    This was the journey that Muhammad went from Mecca to Medina
  • Period: 622 to 1258

    Islamic Civilization

    This was in the Arabian peninsula and spread to Persia and North Africa
  • 632

    Schism of Sunni and Shia

    They separated because of dispute over the succession to Muhammad
  • 732

    Battle of Tours

    This battle was fought between Frankish and Burgundian forces led by Charles Martel and an army of the Umayyad Caliphate led by 'Abdul Rahman.
  • Period: 800 to 1066

    Viking civilization

    Vikings moved around Britain and the European continent
  • Period: 830 to 160

    African Kingdoms

  • 1054

    Great Schism

    This was the final separation of the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Western Catholic Church.
  • Period: 1206 to 1405

    Mongol civilization

    Was located from Southeast Asia to central Europe
  • 1215

    Magna Carta

    Magna Carta
    This was a charter agreed to by King John of England, and it eventually served as the foundation for the English system of common law.
  • 1280

    Mansa Musa Hajj

    Mansa Musa Hajj
    He was the King of the Mali Empire......
  • 1325

    Tenochitlan was founded

    This was a city-state located on an island in Lake Texcoco, and then it became the capital of the Aztec Empire.
  • 1337

    Hundred Years Wars begins

    The war was between England and France over the succession to the French throne.
  • 1453

    Fall of Constantinople

    This was the capture of the capital of Byzantine Empire by an invading army of the Ottoman Empire.