4B Autumn Bruffy World History Timeline

  • Period: 5000 BCE to 3500 BCE

    Mesopotamian Civilization

    Located in the Eastern Mediterranean in Iraq between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
  • Period: 3300 BCE to 1600 BCE

    Indus Civilization

    Located in the Fertile Crescent (Indus River Valley)
  • Period: 3300 BCE to 1617 BCE

    Mesoamerican/ South American Civilization

    Located in South and Central America.
  • Period: 3100 BCE to 30 BCE

    Egyptian Civilization

    Located in Northwest Africa by the Nile River
  • Period: 2800 BCE to 327 BCE

    Indian Civilization

    Located in the Indus Valley.
  • 2560 BCE

    Pyramid of Giza

    Pyramid of Giza is built which is 455 feet tall.
  • Period: 1979 BCE to 610 BCE

    Islamic Civilization

    Arabian Peninsula, surrounded by Caspian and Red sea
  • 1754 BCE

    Hammurabi's Code

    The Babylonian law code of Mesopotamia is Hammurabi's code
  • Period: 1550 BCE to 539 BCE

    Phoenician Civilization

    Located between the Asia Minor
  • Period: 1300 BCE to 135 BCE

    Hebrew Civilization

    Underneath Syria and in between Egypt and Arabia.
  • Period: 1300 BCE to 476 BCE

    Middle Age Europe Civilization

    In Europe
  • Period: 1237 BCE to

    Russian Civilization

    Above China
  • Period: 1046 BCE to

    Chinese Civilization

    In Yellow River Valley in China.
  • Period: 753 BCE to 146 BCE

    Roman Civilization

    Most of Europe and Medditeranean islands.
  • 732 BCE

    Battle of Tours

    Charles Martel who is the leader of the Frankish defeats Spanish Moore army.
  • Period: 600 BCE to 490 BCE

    Persian Civilization

    All the way from Egypt along to India.
  • 537 BCE

    Hagia Sophia

    In Constantinople the Hagia Sophia church was built under Justinian,
  • 507 BCE

    Democracy Begins

    Democracy was started in Athens giving them a right to have a say in things.
  • 483 BCE

    Buddha Dies

    Buddha, who was the founder of Buddhism, dies.
  • 480 BCE

    Battle of Thermopylae

    The Battle of Thermopylae occured between the Greek and Persians and was won by the Persians.
  • 476 BCE

    Fall of Rome

    Rome is overthrown by the leader of Germany, Odoacer.
  • 334 BCE

    Alex the Great defeats Darius

    Alexander the Great won the Battle of Guagamela.
  • Period: 334 BCE to 31 BCE

    Hellenistic Civilization

    Located in Egypt to Asia Minor and Greece to Iran
  • 330 BCE

    Constantinople Is Made The Capital

    Constantinople, the major trade center, is made the capital city of the Roman Empire.
  • Period: 330 BCE to 1453 BCE

    Byzantine Civilization

    Located in the western area of the Roman Empire.
  • Period: 300 BCE to

    Japanese Civilization

    Located on an island off the coast of Asia
  • 221 BCE

    Qin Rule Begins

    After unifying China, the Qin rule begins.
  • Period: 146 BCE to 8 BCE

    Hellenic Civilization

    On the Balkan Peninsula
  • 632

    Schism of Sunni and Shia

    The Schism of Sunni and Shia became a dispute
  • Period: 800 to 1066

    Viking Civilization

    Vikings invaded and lived in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.
  • Period: 830 to

    African Kingdoms Civilization

    Located in Africa
  • 1054

    Rome Civilization

    Split between eastern and western churches occours.
  • Jun 15, 1215

    England Civilization

    England was placed into rule of law by the Magna Carta
  • Period: 1280 to 1337

    Mali Civilization

    In West Africa the Mansa Musa Hajj period happened.
  • 1325

    Mexican Civilization

    Tenochitlan is founded in Lake Texcoco
  • 1337

    England and France Civilization

    The Hundred Years war happens between England and France
  • 1453

    Byzantine Civilization

    After an invasion Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Empire.
  • France Civilization

    Decree of Milan is out.