4A Bobby Booker World History Timeline

  • Period: 5500 BCE to 30 BCE

    Egyptian Civilization

    Located in North Eastern Africa and the Nile River
  • Period: 5000 BCE to 1044 BCE

    Indian Civilization

    The civilization that created the first river valleys based along the Indus River.
  • Period: 3500 BCE to 1200 BCE

    Mesoptamian Civilization

    Civilization along the East Mediterranean.
  • 2580 BCE

    The Pyramid of Cheops

    The Pyramid of Cheops
    The pyramid in Cario, Egypt. One of the 3 pyramids.
  • Period: 1800 BCE to 1464

    Hebrew Civilization

    An civilization based in the middle east.
  • 1750 BCE

    Hammurabi's Code- Mespotamian Civilization

    Hammurabi's Code- Mespotamian Civilization
    The ancient law code of Babylon written by Hammurabi
  • Period: 1550 BCE to 300 BCE

    Persian Civilization

    Based in Western Egypt to Turkey in the north and Mesoptamia
  • Period: 1500 BCE to 300 BCE

    Phoenicain Civilization

    Civilization on the Mediterannean sea.
  • Period: 1500 BCE to 2017 BCE

    Chinese Civilization

    Civilization based in Asia and the yellow river
  • Period: 1200 BCE to 400 BCE

    Mesoamerican Civilization

    Three Civilizations based in in Mexico, Central America, and down to Western South America
  • 1066 BCE

    Democracy in Athens- Athenian Civilization

    Democratic actions take place in Athens, Citizens vote for laws and leaders in the city.
  • Period: 800 BCE to 400 BCE

    Hellenic Civilization

    Civilization with mixed religion based in Greece
  • Period: 509 BCE to 476

    Roman Civilization

    Civilization Based in rome and on the the Timber River
  • Period: 500 BCE to 150

    Byzantine Civlization

    Civilization based along the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea
  • 483 BCE

    Buddha dies

    Buddha dies
    Siddartha Gautama dies as he is the founder of Buddhism. He died of natural causes in the city of Kusinara.
  • 480 BCE

    Battle of Thermoplaye

    Battle of Thermoplaye
    First war between Greece and Persia
  • 476 BCE

    Fall of Rome

    The Roman empire fell to barbarians and Rome burned. They drove Germanic tribes to the border of the Roman empire.
  • 330 BCE

    Alex the Great defeats Darius

    Alex the Great kills Darius I at Battle of Guatemala
  • Period: 323 BCE to 31 BCE

    Hellenistic Civilization

    A civilization based in Middle East down far in Asia
  • 221 BCE

    Quin rule begins

    Quin rule begins
    The Great wall of china is built and becomes unified
  • 330

    Constantinople made capital

    Byzantine changed to Constantinople by Emperor Constantine I
  • 537

    Hagia Sophia is built

    Hagia Sophia is built
    The Hagia Sophia was built in 537 BCE in Constantinople. It took 5 years to build it. The current emperor at the time was Justinian I and he directed the construction of the Hagia Sophia.
  • 622

    Hegira Begins

    The journey of prophet Muhammad and his followers traveled from Mecca to Yathrib.
  • Period: 622 to 1258

    Islamic Civilization

    The Islamic civilization located on the Arabian Peninsula in Mecca
  • 632

    Schism of Sunni and Shia

    The split of Islam due to Muhammad's death.
  • Period: 793 to 1066

    Viking Civilization

    An civilization based on Baghdad
  • 1054

    The Great Schism

    The split between Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches.
  • Period: 1185 to

    Japanese Civilization

    Civilization based in Japan
  • Period: 1206 to 1368

    Mongol Civilization

    Civilization based in South East Asia and Eastern Europe
  • 1215

    Magna Carta

    The charter signed by King John to limit the powere of royal authorites
  • 1324

    Mansa Musa Hajj

    The ruler in west Africa
  • 1325

    Tenochtlian Founded

    A settlement for the Aztecs
  • 1337

    Hundred Years War

    A hundred years war and conflicts between England and France.
  • 1453

    Fall of Constantinople

    The Ottoman army takes over the Capital Empire of Byzantine
  • Period: 1460 to

    African Kingdoms Civilization

    Civilization Based in Africa
  • Period: to

    Russian Civilization

    Civilization based in Russia