By imin10
  • Born

    I was born a Sinai Grace Hospital at 4:43 am!
  • Period: to

    1st two years

  • Biosocial-Flips

    I love to move as most infants do but for some reason I more flips than crawling. I guess I was a show off.
  • Psychosocial-Quite as a mouse

    I was fairly quite at mosttimes, hardly cried. I was told that i was the best to babysit.
  • Cognitive-Sensorimotor intelligence

    On page 154 there is a picture of a infant holding cooking utensils sitting infort of pot and pans. My mom says that I was so impressed by how much noise I could make with pots and pans.
  • Period: to

    Play Years

  • Biosocial-Body Change

    I started wearing eyeglasses at 4 years old. I remember having to wear a patch over my right eye to build strength, breaking one handle and having to go to school with tp on my glasses.
  • Psychosocial-Emotional Development

    I was very friendly as a child but when it came to food forget it.
    My family told me I hated sharing my food and I would cry forever if anyway wanted some.
  • Cognitive-Great listener

    I nver hadt the habit of repeating things I heard until I was in trouble. As soon a I would get in trouble my vocabualry expanded x100. That surely didnt my punishment.
  • Period: to

    School Years

  • Biosocial-Health

    Like most kid I had the chicken pox. I have a deep scar in the middle of my forhead from scratching even though mom siad not to.
  • Cognitive-List

    I started my list around the age of nine. My parents told how particular I was about my list they wondered if I was impressed with the fact that I am left handed and able to write, I wrote a list and I missed something I would create a new one.
  • Psychosocial-Boys and Girls Club

    At first I didnt want to go to the Boys and Girls Club but onced I realized it was a place to play different games and learn with new people I started begining to go.
  • Cognitive-peacemaker

    Even at this young age i seemed to be the mother of my friends. I was always the one that people come to just to talk, ask for help or settle things between friends. Till this very day its still the same.
  • Period: to


  • Biosocial-Puberty

    "ITS A CELEBRATION" my mother insisted. When mother nature come in to effect my mom explained to me it was a celebration of womanhood. She took me shopping and out to dinner as if it was my birhday. I think she did a great making a painful thing less painful.
  • Psychosocial-first love

    I my high school sweetheart all throughout high school and one year beyond. I surely learned alot.
  • Cognitive-Own MInd

    Since I was already a social butterfly it totally made since that I want to go to New York to do what I loved the most. Be creative and study fashion.
  • Biosocial-Balance

    Since I was child I loved to dance thats where I did most of my fitness. I resolve as you get older it becomes extremely hard to do fit in excersie with a busy schedule
  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

  • Psychosocial- Offiically grown

    My finally decided to move out of my parents house. I had to make sure i moved out before it became an eviction.
  • Biosocial- Balance

    Still working on trying to balance eating right, exercising and rermoving stress.
  • Period: to


    Age 25-65
  • Pyschosocial-Family

    I always wanted to have a family. At this point in my life I will probably be thinking of marriage, children and my career path.
  • Cognitive- Long term learning

    I should have children, work in my field and still thrusty to learn and try knew things.
  • Biosocial-1st surgery

    I estimate that around this time I will have my first surgery. Over active thyriods run throughoutthe family. My mother is the fourth to have it removed around this age.
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

    65 and up
  • Biosocial-prolonging life

    As active and working out is one of the most important things.
  • cognitive-helping out

    Even though I will be retired keeping my mind sharp is key. Maybe participate in an elderhostel.
  • psychosocial- aging graceefully

    I would hopefully be able to move on to assisted living. Staying involed in loved ones lives.
  • Death