Chapter 25.1 The Unification of Italy

  • Young Italy movement

    Young Italy movement
    Patriots joined in with Mazzini. It was dedicated to speading the ideas of the risorgimento. Mazzini wanted a republic rather than a pope or a king.
  • Austria

    Austria recaptured some of its former possessions in the north. Monarchs in the other states returned to power and revoked new constitutions. Only the Kingdom of Sardinia remained a independent state.
  • Cavour's Sardinia

    Cavour strenghten the Sardinian army and also reorganized it.
    He helped make railroads, banks, factories, and also he improved trade among the other countries. He paricipated in the peace conference thatt ended the war in 1856.
  • War with Austria

    Cavour began tio prepare everything for the wa, like the military. And then Austria declared war. When the war started it went as planned, but they havent excepted the Italians to unite this way. Then Napoleon signed an armistice with Austria.
  • Garibaldi and the Thousand

    Garibaldi got an army of more then 1000 soldiers. Then he and his "expedition of the thousand" went and invaded Sicily. Then they went to the capital city, Naples. Garbaldi later became a known as a hero.