Chapter 25.1 The Unification of Italy

  • Young Italy Movement

    Young Italy Movement
    One of the most famous Carboni was Giuseppe Mazzini. He led the Young Italy Movementm which was for Italian Patriots. The idea for this is to spread ideas for a national movement known as Risorgimento.
  • Republic

    Revolutionaries seized Rome.Mazini and two other leaders set up a republic. Austria again captured its former posessions in the north. Monarchs in the other states returned to their power, revoking the new constitution.
  • Peace Conference

    Peace Conference
    Cavour reorganized and strenghthened the Sardinian army. He hlped to establish banks, factories, railroads and trade. He believed in seperation of state and church. He tried to reduce political influence of the church. He increased Sardinia's policitcal influence by siding with France and Great Britain in the Crimean War. He was included a peace conference that ended the war..
  • War With Austria

    War With Austria
    Carvour began military preparations for war. Austria responded by declaring war also. The first war went well for Carvour. French and Sardinian forces drove the Austrians out of Lombardy and went to Venitia. Italian patriots in Tuscany, Modena, and Parma overthrew Austria and asked to be annexed to the kingdom of Sardinia.
  • Giuseppe Garibaldi

    Giuseppe Garibaldi
    Giuseppe Garibaldi, a man who believed Italian freedom, invaded Sicily with his Expedidtion of the Thousand. Entering Italy's mainland, Garibaldi's forces seized their capital, Naples. They drove King Francis II north to the border of the Papal States.