The Life of Ellen

  • I am born

    I was born at 5:04 am in Houston TX.
  • Started School

    I started school at Wainwright Elementary. My older sister was in the 5th grade.
  • Time to Move!

    Time to Move!
    Wilchester ElementaryMy family packed up and moved to the other side of Houston. I would now attend Wilchester Elementary School. image taken from
  • Oliver!

    I was only in the 7th grade but I got to preform with the high school in their production of Oliver! It was very excting. Made things much easier when I was a freshman to already know a lot of upperclassman.
  • West Side Story

    West Side Story
    Big musical of the year West Side Story.
    The this year we had real bridges built out into the audience.
  • Sweet 16

    Sweet 16
    For my 16th birthday my sister gave me her car for a month. It was a few months before a got a car that was all my own. image
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    Finally the day I thought would never come. High School Graduation! OCU here I come!
  • Oklahoma City University

    Oklahoma City University
    Oklahoma City UniversityTime to move into my first college dorm! I'll be Broadway bound once I finish my degree in musical theatre.
  • Texas A&M

    A new school, a new major. I'm now at Texas A&M working towards my degree in interdisciplinary studies so I can hopefully teach history someday.
  • WHOOP!

    Graduation Day is finally here!

  • Wedding Day

    A great time with friends and family. Perfect weather for our outdoor wedding, and dancing the night away under the stars
  • Our First House

    After MUCH searching and many offers we finally closed on our first house. Now the fun of painting and decorating begins.