3rd Period Presidential Power

  • Period: to

    Growth of Presidential Power

  • Period: to

    George Washington

    Establishes the inherent powers of the president. Establishes the cabinet system and sets the precedent that presdients serve only two terms.
  • Andrew Jackson Election

    Andrew Jackson Election
    7th president of the United States, Agressive attitude and views, nicknamed "old Hickory" Jackson makes extensive use of the veto power and faces down South Carolina during the nullification crisis in addition to ignoring orders by the Supreme Court.
  • Lincoln Elected

    Lincoln Elected
    A very tall, bearded, cute white man who grew up in Indiana is elected the sixteenth president.
  • Lincoln suspend Habeas corpus

    Lincoln suspend Habeas corpus
    Lincoln supended habeas corpus during the civil war time to combat disloyal southerners habeas corpus is where you have to show cause to hold someone as a prisoner
  • Bully Pulpit

    Bully Pulpit
    A buly pulpit is a public office or position of authority that provides the holder with an opportunity to speak out and be listened to on any issue. President Theodore Roosevelnt coined the term to desribe the White House during his presidency,
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    This was a severe worldwide economic depression in the decade preceding WWII.
    F.D.R. takes on a legislative role to expand the presidents role during economic hardships.
  • Period: to

    Franklin D Roosevelt's course of presidency being elected 4x.

    Franklin D Roosevelt was inagurated March 4, 1933 as the 32nd president of the United States. He was the president during the nation's rough time, known as "The Great Depression". FDR was good enough of a president that the nation needed him, therefore he was elected 4 times. It wasn't until after his run (died while serving) that it was put into the constitution that a president can only serve a maximum of 2 terms, which limits the amount of power a president has.
  • Passage of 22nd Amendment

    Passage of 22nd Amendment
    22nd Amendment is passed in the wake of FDR's four terms. This amendment limits the president to four terms in office.
  • Modern Media

    Modern Media
    President uses modern media and social networking cites to stay ahead of the fast paced media cylce and to communicate directly with the American people.
  • USA Patriot Act

    USA Patriot Act
    President Bush enforced an act which reduced the restrictions enforcement agencies had on tele communications, e-mail, financial records etc. In an effort to fight the war on terrorism.
  • Bush suspends Habeas Corpus

    Bush suspends Habeas Corpus
    Bush suspends Habeas Corpus because of the war. He suspends these rights for persons considered "enemy combatants".
  • Barack Obama Elected

    Barack Obama Elected
    Barack Obama is elected the nation's first African-American President by defeating his Republican challenger John McCain.