Ayn Rand's life.

  • Born in St. Petersburg, Russia

  • Earthquake in America.

    A massive earthquake, one so powerful it could be felt south of Los Angeles, as far north as Oregon and as far west as Nevada, was centered in San Francisco. The earthquake and the fire it spawned destroyed at least 50 percent of the city before being stopped. The San Francisco Mint remarkably escaped damage from the earthquake and became a refuge center. The mint was damaged by the fire, but efforts by firemen and workers prevented large scale damage.
  • Period: to

    At age 6 she taught herself to read.

  • Two hundred striking workers shot during the Lena Goldfield Massacre

  • Decided to become a writer at age nine.

  • Period: to


  • The Federal Reserve Banks opened.

  • Michael Romanov, brother of the Tsar and now heir, but rejects the throne.

  • The Bolshevik party changes its name from Russian Social Democratic Party

  • Period: to

    The old Bolshevik stronghold of Kronstadt rises demanding free election to the Soviets but is suppressed.

  • Lenin dies.

  • Period: to

    Moved to America

  • Gets MARRIED to Frank

  • Becomes an achual American citizen

  • "Red Pawn" was sold to Universal Pictures.

  • The Senate voted to repeal the 18th Amendment of the Constitution, ending prohibition.

  • It became illegal for private citizens to own gold certificates following the implementation of the Gold Reserve Act of 1934.

  • Period: to

    Moves to New York

  • " We the Living" was published

  • "Anthem" was published.

  • The first United States income tax treaty was signed with Sweden.

  • Period: to


  • Pearl Harbor

  • The Fountainhead, was published.

  • "The Fountainhead film" opens

  • "Atlas Shrugged" was published

  • President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald.

  • first heart transplant.

  • All operations of the United States Customs Service in New York City were moved into the World Trade Center.

  • Death of Ayn Rand