My Time So Far

By laurenj
  • It's a girl!!

    Born at 2:15 am three weeks early in West Hills. I weighted 6 lb. and 14 oz. and I was 19 in long.
  • Jaundice

    Was in an incubator at home for 3 days after being diagnosed with jaudice
  • Colic

    I screamed every night from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm for twelve weeks. Then it just disappeared
  • First Day at Judy's Day Care

    My Mom had to go back to work so I started day care with a lady named Judy. Her helper was named Milla, my brother and I both went each day and we loved it.
  • First Steps

    Took my first steps at day care, Mom and Dad missed it. :(
  • First Birthday Party

    I had a big party and wore the same dress my Mom wore when she was one year old. I was also sick with a fever.
  • Started Pre school

    I went to Children's World for pre school. My brother was there with me.
  • First Trip to the ER

    I was visiting Santa Claus and fell, cut open my chin and spent 5 hours in the ER. Ended up with 5 stitches too.
  • Last visit to Grandparents old house

    My grandparents moved from the Bay Area to Clio CA. I will always remember my Mom's old bedroom with the small window in the upper corner of her room. I was so scared of the window.
  • First Whitehawk Christmas

    Spent my first Christmas in the snow at my grandparents new house in a community called Whithawk.
  • First time on Skiis

    I had my first ski lesson and remember learning to pizza down a hill. Most of all I remember the yummy hot chocolate.
  • First Rafting Trip down the Truckee River

    My Mom, Dad and brother went rafting for the first time.
  • Started Kindergarten

    Started Kindergarten with Mrs. Kenney at Dearborn Elementary.
  • First Trip to England and France

    I remember begin so jet lagged and awake in the middle of the night. I played cricket with family friends. I ate the best ice cream ever in Ponec France
  • Started Trampoline and Tumbling Classes

    Started trampline and tumbling classes and continue for 8 years.
  • Started school at SOCES

    this was the beginning of my 9 years here at SOCES. I remember Ms. Tabares was my teacher
  • My First Dog

    We picked up our new puppy a Jack Russell Terrier and my brother named him Lance Dogstrong.
  • First Seizure

    Had my first seizure on the quad at SOCES. I was taken to Tarzana Hospital in an ambulance and had my first CT scan that day.
  • Seizure during 5th grade graduation

    Was walking off the stage with Lauren Davis and had a seizure. I remember going to the nurse's office and crying because I was missing my graduation. I eventually went back out and received my special certificate in English.
  • New Zealand and Australia

    My family spent 6 weeks camper vanning in New Zealand and Australia. We went black water rafting, snokeling on the Great Barrier Reef and climbed a glacier. I remember we missed the 4th of July completely because of the international time zone
  • Confirmation

    I was confirmed in the United Church of Christ
  • 8th grade Washington DC trip

    Went to Washington DC on the 8th grade trip. I remember that I lost all my CDs. Exploring DC was fun and when we came back to the hotel we played card games.
  • Started high school

    Didn't change schools but started high school
  • Exchange student to France

    I went back to France with a student that had lived with us for 4 weeks. I spent 3 weeks with her in France.
  • Annapolis

    Went to visit my brother at the United States Naval Academy to help celebrate the end of his plebe year. It was my first visit there.
  • State Champion

    I won my first place state championship in Trampoline for my my age and level. This was the best I had ever competed.
  • Phil's Grad Night

    I was invited by Phil to go to Disneyland grad night. We went with Christian and Lauren
  • First Prom

    I went to prom with Phillip Chu. We rode the fun bus with 30 other people to the Omni Hotel in Los Angeles
  • First Time Jet Skiing

    Went Jet skiing with Lauren, Christian, and Phil for the first time at Castaic Lake
  • Reno with Phil

    Phil meet my grandparents for the first time and we spent four days in Reno, most fun was the go carts.
  • Autobiography

    Autobiography for Mrs. Lahaise is due