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To Kill a Mockingbird timeline

  • Period: to

    History of the book

  • Dill is arriving to Maycomb

  • Mayella accuses Tom Robinson for raping her

  • Dill is leaving Maycomb

  • Scouts first day at school.

    Scout starts at school, where she, later that day, gets in a fight with Walter Cunningham.
  • Jem finds the knothole with all these things in the tree.

  • Dill is arriving to Maycomb

  • Atticus finds out about the kids and schemes about Boo

  • Dill is leaving Maycomb

  • Boo Radley leaves his house

  • The Finches celebrate Christmas at Uncle Jack

  • Jem starts reading for Mrs. Dubose as punishment by Atticus

  • Jem stops reading for Mrs. Dubose

  • Aunt Alexandra visits Maycomb

  • Dill is arriving to Maycomb

  • Tom Robinsons case closed.

    Declared guilty.
  • Tom Robinson dies.

    He gets shot while trying to escape from prison.
  • Bob Ewell dies.

    He gets killed while attacking Jem and Scout. The murderer and the savior of the kids is Boo Radley.
  • Aunt Alexandra is leaving Maycomb.

  • Mrs. Dubose dies.