Josues Years

By bbta305
  • date of birth

    i was born on October the 21st of the year 1996
  • first ride on a plane

  • first trip to mexico

    first trip to mexico
  • My first steps

  • My first Birthday

  • first time at hurricane harbor

  • first time in hospital

    first time i was picked up in an ambulance and taken to the hospital because of my asthma
  • first ride in an ambulance

  • My first ride at six flags

    i rode on a train
  • my first day of school

    first day of school at wimbish elemantary in kindergarden
  • my first lockdown

    it was my first lock down at day care
  • first time in cowboys stadium

  • first football team

  • first time in disney world

  • my first day at Barnett Junuior High

    first day in 7th day
  • my first teenage day

    i became a teenager on 10/21/09