• My mom's Birthday

    Her name is Electra
  • The Day my Brother was born

    His name is Marcus
  • The Day I was Born

    I was Born October 28th 1997 in Arlington, Texas
  • The Day I walked

    I walked sometime in August of 1998
  • Day I went hospital after I fell out of a window

    Sometime in the summer,
    I fell out of a window and got a few ant bites
  • Started Reading

    Sometime in Day Care, I started to read.
  • Our Family got a new dog

    Before School Started, We went to the dog pound before school started and I walked in and saw a puppy. I then begged to my family to get her. We decided to and she has been best friend/dog ever.
  • When I started school

    At the end of August, I started schoolin Pre-K when I was 3
  • When I got a bike

    I think for my birthday I got my brothers old bike. It was really cool and I could go really fast.
  • When I got a First Degree Burn

    On Thanksgiving, I got on my uncle's motorcycle ( when my parents told me not too) and I accidently got the inside of my leg on the exhaust pipe and I got a First Degree Burn.
  • When I Graduated for the First Time

    When School ended in May I was so smart in Pre-K they allowed me to skip Kindergarten and go straight to First Grade.
  • When I lost my First Tooth

    I was 5 years old when I lost my first tooth.
  • When I broke my tooth

    I was playing on the playground with my friend and I fell of the big thing, and hit the curly stairs and broke my tooth. I later got a Root Canal, which was slightly painful,
  • When I started Tae Kwon Do

    At the end of February, I started Tae Kwon Do.
  • When I came to Farrell

    When I started 2nd Grade at Farrell
  • When I had my first Basketball Season

    I started my first Basketball Season for the YMCA.
  • The Day I went to a Spurs Game

    I went to the AT&T Center to see the San Antonio Spurs beat the Memphis Grizzlies like 105 to 88.
  • When I moved into my new house

    On the Fourth of July, my family moved into our new house
  • When I joined Band

    In 6th Grade, I joined Band. I'm a Percussionist
  • When I graduated from Farrell

    I graduated from Farrell Elementary
  • The Day I started 7th Grade

  • When I played Tackle Football for the first time

    It was for School.
  • When I got the Swine Flu

    I got the Swine Flu sometiome in September
  • When I will turn 13