New born baby

my life

  • I was born

    I was born
    my birthday
  • my sister

    my sister
    my sister was born looking evil and still is evil
  • My first state Cinderella pageant

    My first state Cinderella pageant
    My first stae pageant I won for overall beauty.
    the pageant runs through out the week.
  • my other sister

    my other sister
  • 9/11

    the twin towers were hit by air planes and were destroyed
  • disney land

    disney land
    my first time in diney land with my family
  • disneyland 50th anniversary

    disneyland 50th anniversary
    m y second time in disneyland
  • magic mountian

    magic mountian
    my first time at magic mountian.
    first time at jams in califonia (cheerleading)
  • elections

    the first black president. Barack Obama
  • twilight

    the first book of the twilight saga hits teaters
  • abaguation

    obama moves in to the white house
  • china

    my firstvtime in a vacation with out my family except my sister
    we went to china
  • home

    we made it back to tucson
  • new moon

    new moon
    new moon hits theaters
  • 14

    my birthday