Spring Holidays

  • driving to QLD

    started to drive to QLD.
    we spent the night in Glen Innes
  • sunday plane

    on sunday at 6:00 we went to melbourne and got on a plane to brisbane
  • Tresure hunt

    When we went Geocaching and found Eight Geocaches it was actually really fun. Well Geocaches are a little box with little trinkets and the game is all around the world and so many people do it but shhhh its a secret.
  • Arrived in Surfers Paradise

    We stayed at Breakfree Beachpoint right across the road from the beach. The first night there the fire alarm went of and the building was evacuated! Georgia
  • Movie World- Georgia

    we went to Movie World on Wednesday. I thought the best ride was Superman Escape. we went on the Lethal Weapon, it bashed your eyes around and by the end of it you had a headache. We had hot dogs for lunch, it cost us 53 bucks for 4 hotdogs and two drinks! My brother and i each bought a big fluffy head mine was Sulvestor and his was Tazzy devil.
  • The drive to Renmark

    here we go F'n'F 09 tour the barter/whyte/carmords 6:00 driving to Renmark.rossys couldn't come cause he droped hiscamper on his foot so were meeting up at Swan Hill. TOM
  • On the Road

    I left school at 11.00am and went home. We got in the car and found out our campervan breaklights weren't working. We eventually we got on the road at 1.15 and didn't stop until 8.30.
  • Beaches

    We have been to the beach almost every morning since is right across the road. After the beach we go to the pool thats at our building. There's also a tennis court, heated pool, spa and sauna. When we were going back up to the room, well it was more like an appartment, dad would make us climb the stairs. We were on the 15th floor. Georgia :)
  • :(

    I bought All Star Cheerleader Wii Game and Saints lost the Grand Final :(:(:(
  • Traveling to the snow

    My family and i went to Mt.Hotham. gabi
  • At the beach-Grace

    At the beach i was swimming and i got stung buy a Blue Bottle a Blue Bottle is a jelly fish and it really hurt the treatment we put on the red mark was vinigar . The sting nhurt felt itchie and i felt like i was going to fall asleep and i could not walk for a bit because itvwas so sore Grace
  • Got to Hawker

    we watched bench warmers about 12 times in about 5 hours then we got to Hawker. yeah then we all went for a bike ride.I was puffing and puffing.In the middle of a big storm we got the sling shot out with three beer cans to shot so it was hit after hit with us eagel eyed barny boyz. TOM
  • At the movies

    On the first saturday of holidays I went to the army Movies and we watched two movies back to back. The first movie was the Hannah Montaa movie. It was alright and the second movie was the Proposel. I loved it. We got home at about 11:30 and i fell straight to sleep.
  • Drive to Dad's House. (Well Half of it)

    We didn't do much through the first half of the trip. Really boring. I sat there listening to my ipod, most of the way. When Benny fell asleep I took the portable DVD player off him and started watching Harry Potter and the Prizinor of Askaban, but half way through i started to feel sick. Like I do on most trips there. We didn't go all the way to Dad's. We stayed at Aunt Debs house for that night.
  • Made it to our destianation!

    we spent most of that day in the car. We got to Myrociydor at 4.00pm. We set up our stuff and i set up my tent. The Dwyers, who are one of the other familes staying with us, helpt us.
  • my b'day

    On my birthday i got $300.I spent most of it on clothes,shoes and stuff like that.For my birthday I also went to see my cousin.
  • Oven's & Murray Grand Final

    Border Mail StoryAlbury Tigers won both the Reserves and Seniors grand finals. Both teams went through the season undefeated. It was a windy morning and it got very cold towards the end of the day.It was great fun playing in the grand final, in front of a huge crowd (there were over 8000 people there to watch the seniors). We won the game by about 10 goals and the seniors won by nearly 12 goals
    There were huge celebrations at the clubrooms after the game, there was a giant marquee over the footy ground.
  • Soccer Presentation

    We had our soccer presentation. i first got this medal that everyone gets, then i got best and farest & parents MVP for 12s. then i got the other one that everyone gets for the 14 girls.
  • luke came to my house

    i had luke over at my house we went on the computer and went to the bowl
  • At the snow

    We had skiing lessons and then we we were finished we went skiing! gabi
  • O & M Grand Final

    In the grand final i was serporting the pigins. Bceause my cousin was playing in the siners. But they got a flongin so i came homein the 4th part of the game with a lot of pigin serporters it was a bad day. ChArLIE :(
  • Playde with Tenesha

    I played with my friend Tenesha. I went to the farmers market, with Tenesha's Mum, Brother, and Her.
  • afl grand final

    we went to a friends house there names were alice and maggie they were like family friends with us we were all disapointed because saints lost but then we stayed there longer and all th parents got drunk it was fun. we ended out staying the night there because the parents couldnt drive
  • Partying in Hawker (DAY 3)

    That day we look alot at the suvirner shops bought groechres

    We went to the markets and swam in the river at our cavervan park ( cottontree)
  • Finished Drive to Dad's

    Like the first half of the drive I did nothing but listen to my Ipod and when Ben fell asleep this time I stole his pillow. It kind of makes up for him stealing all my stuff. When we got to Dad's we didn't do much
  • Aaron pengelly stayed over

    my friend Aaron Pengelly stayed over and we had dirtclump wars with bodda, nick, sam and harry and we went doorknocking and ghosted people and rode scooters. Campbell
  • Play with Tenesha (again)

    I played with Tenesha again today. We didn't do anything in particular.
  • New Car

    I got a new car and my dad got really excited. The new car is a lite black. I got the first ride in it and it is way better than our old car our old car was braking down alot.Tayla
  • Bad Times

    I only just herd that my Uncle Wally had just passed away so my sister took me shopping and i bought new Volleys . Grace
  • Went to Connor Hourigans house

    On Monday i slept over at Connors house for 4 nights we had mc donalds and bought over a hundred dollers in 4 days on loolies and we washed the car and played with niamh and played the wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.shaun
  • stayed up all night

    I stayed up all night playing the playstation 2 and watching tv Istayed up 24 hours. I played fifa o7 smackdownvraw 2009 and other games.I watched little britan on dvd.shaun
  • mitch's b'day

    it was my brother birthday. blake
  • watched movies all day

    I watched movies all day because i wasn't feeling well the movies were get crunk music album, Spongebob Squarpants escape bikini bottom, and played a litle bit of computer (farmville) spencer[:
  • Shaun Hession came over for a sleepover

    Shaun Hession and I played buzz all night and I won every game and my psp broke. Alex
  • Melbourne

    I went to Melbourne with My Nan and her partner Vince.
  • Movies

    I went to the movies with Lasea, April, Layne and Zoe. We went to see UP it was fully AWESOME!. I got a choc top and a froson coke. After we went shopping i got some new clothes. ChArLIe :)
  • Went to melbourne

    i drove to melbourne with nan and Vince.
  • Spencer came to my house

    On Friday Spencer came to my house for the nght. We watched Friday the 13th and tryed an all nighty but Spencer fell aseep.
  • We go to the pool!

    Samara,page and I went to the pool on saturday.We went into the deep pool lots and te warm pool only for a while then we each got a gatrade.After when we walked home we got mcdonald on the way i paid for it and thats all.shannon
  • nics house!

    i went to nicks house we didnt do much the first hour or 2, then we went on the computer and played penguins that was fun at night time we watched friday the 13th and the hangover the next day we went to the skatepark we had fun! spencer :] :)
  • cone home

    i went to see GG today and then came home from melbourne.
  • Walking the dogs

    Hope and I took both of our dogs on a walk to the duck pond and they jumped in and chased the ducks then as we were walking home we got swooped by the magpies they did'nt even try swooping the dogs though.Shannon!!
  • AFL grand final

    The AFL grand final
    GEELONG won 68 to 80
    I watched the AFL Grand Final at Mum and Dad's house, we had a BBQ. I was pretty upset because St Kilda lost. (Mr M)
    I watched it at mums friends house!(milli)
    I sort of watched it at mum's friends house.
  • AFL Grand Final

    When i was at me mum we watched the Grand Final it was a good game but i was sad that STKDA lost :{ ChArLIe :)
  • Gabi Came Over

    Gabi came over for a sleepover and we both went on msn (we were using webcame) we were talking to about 5 people at a time. we were also on diffrent websites aswell.tayla
  • flew to sydeny

    i flew to sydney to see my dad for his birthday. we got our photos taken for his birthday present on monday. maddie
  • Tenesha

    Tenesha & I played. We throu a ball across my pool. we almost fell in a few times!!!!
  • movies

    i went to my friends house and played table tenas and seen gforse
  • movies

    Mitchlle , Blaze , Emily , Mum & I went to the movies to see fame.
    chelsea bluck
  • Tenesha

    Tenesha & I played around the pool again.
  • tennis

    played tennis with dad and mitch. it was a really hot day but it was still fun. i played a game with mitch and he lost.. hehehe Maddie
  • Out for lunch

    I went out for lunch with nan & mum.
  • Ryans play date

    Ryans freind named daniel came over for a play from 10:00 to 2:30.They played the xbox,jumped on the trampoline and played the computer.On hat day i made pink topping cup cakes there where12 and we all had one each.Jadzia
  • went to see photos

    we went to see the photos that we took on monday and they turned out really well. then we went to play some laser tag and it was really fun. the first game we played it was just me dad mitch and amanda but the second it was like 8 complete strangers. Maddie
  • Shaun Grennan came for sleepover

    Shaun and I went to good guys and we sat on the masarge chairs and played the psp.alex
  • I got my new psp

    I got a new psp off ebay and it came with 6 games and a movie I got it because my cousin broke my other one but he is going to pay for most of it bye help ing us around the house.alex
  • The movies!

    I went to the movies with Will and Noah to watch up. I got a large popcorn for all of us to share, we did not finish it.
  • going to echuca

    on friday morning i left to go to echuca for my first rep basketball tournament . when i got to my caravan park most of my friends weren't there yet so my family went out for lunch to la porchetta and i had a iced coffee a large pizza and a bowl of chips. when we got back my friends had arrived so i ditched my family and went off with them(cam)
  • dads birthday

    on friday it was dads birthday and he and his brothers went to play tennis with mitch while me amanda and dom went to gold class to see fame. it was a really good movie but it is kind f a copy of step up. Maddie
  • Echuca Basketball 2009

    On saturday I played three games of basketball, I won 1 game, I drew 1 game and lost 1 game. we got into the semi finals. We played Seymor who we won against and everytime we have played them they have always smashed us. We also played Echuka who we drew against. I think it was 20 something both ways, it was a great game. We also played Wang. They bet us by about 10 points but they are a very strong team. I had a awesome day and i had heaps of funn!
    Al!$h@ by Alisha not tash
  • Girl guide hall and another play date!

    Today jakob and ella came over for a play date. Jakob and ryan had lots of fun playing the xbox,jumping on the trampoline,playing he computer and going crazy! I got annoyed and told mum and they got into trouble.hahaha! Plus I had to clean the girl guide hall becouse I lied.It was very tireing but lots of fun.
  • I went to the circus

    On the 3rd of october I went to the circus with Brontie and Grace. there was scarey clowns and lions and weird clowns. bronties brother got picked out of the crowed and got thrown around by the clowns. chelsea bluck
  • went bowling

    we went bowling down at the amf bowling place and dom came second and she is seven and she beat me so i was sad. :( Maddie
  • Happy b'day

    Today is my dads 39th birthday.I baked him one of my cupcakes I made on the first and he loved it! We gave him a top gear money box with chocolate coins.He ate all the chocolate coins in that same day we gave it to him.He gave me one and we both loved them.Jadzia
  • Echuca Basketball 2009

    I played basketball in the semi finals against Echuka who we drew against. It was a hard game and I think the team did very well. We lost by about 15 points but it was really chellenging. After my game i watched chelsea o'tooles grand finals and the won. they won by about 15 points againsted Echuka. On the way home i went with chelsea and her family. I went to her nan's house and we had roast lamb. it was the best roast i have ever had. then after tea we played with the fire, then drove home.
  • Flew back home

    We flew back home at 8:15 am and it was a good flight. We had a blueberry muffin and orange juice on the plane. Maddie, again
  • NRL grand final day

    Yesterday i went to my Dads friends house his friend is a security guard at biralee they had a party and a barbeque we brought the plasma outside and we watched the grand final at half time I played pool by my self and made knee pads out of my socks then the second half began The Melbourne storm where beating the parramata eels but they came back and the scores where 16_22 and melbourne kicked a field goal and they lost and Melbourne storm won the rugby league grand final.shaun
  • plaza

    i went to the plaza with karla,tahlia and adian we had wendys for lunch we got bouncy balls we went in every shop luke