My Life

  • Born

    i was born when there was tornado going on.
  • spinalmenmigus ?

    Jan, 13 2002
  • Learnd how

    I learned how to ride a bike.
  • My little brother Vaughn

    He was born August 26 my brother Vaughn was born.
  • My dog

    Fall my dog Eddy died.
  • my parents wedding

    Parents Wedding It was September 9, my parents wedding. They did not have a big one. They had it at the beagle club it dose not sound cool but it was they had birds singing in the back round. And I still remember where it happened. And you know how brides have big dresses my mom didn’t have one. So that was my parents great wedding.
  • My little brother Jagher

    it was December 5 my little bother Jagher was born.
  • my new house

    i moved in to a new house.
  • first cumnon

    my first cumnon
  • going to hawii

    going to hawii
    When we went to Hawaii, we went on an ATV ride we saw trees that grew 5 inches every day. The next day we went on a boat ride and we saw dolphins be for that my grandma saw a whale. The next day after that we went on a helicopter ride around the island. That night my grandma, great aunt france and I went to a luau and I learned the hula. Then we went to the air port the next day and went back home. I’m so great full for the experience that my grandma gave me.
  • middle school

    My first day at middle school.