20th Century Egyptian Revolution by: Jatinder Singh, Simratvir Singh, Bandeep Singh, Tanvir Kaur, and Vanessa Raiborde.

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  • The people started fighting back against the Egyptian goverment on Facebook.

    The Egyptian people began plotting against the government on Facebook. This got many people to join the revolution.
  • Tunisian Revolution

    Tunisian Revolution
    The Tunisian Revoluition influenced the people of Egypt to start revolting againt the Egyptian Government.
  • Church Bombing

    Church Bombing
    A bomb exploded in front of a church in Alexandria, killing 23 Koptic Chritians. Koptics accused the Egyptian goverenment.
  • Day of Revolt

    Day of Revolt
    On January 25th, the first protests against the government of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak beagn.Tens of thousands of protestors gathered in Cairo, with thousands more in other cities throughout Egypt.
  • Death Toll

    Death Toll
    As of January 29th, alteast 105 protestor deaths were reported and those injured were 750 policemen and 1500 protestors.
  • Protest on February 1st

    Protest on February 1st
    One protest on Februaary 1st was estimated at about one million people. Local sheikhs put the community under lockdown.
  • Shooting

    Gunmen fire on anti-government protesters in Cairo, where about 10 are killed and more than 830 injured in fighting. The U.N. estimates that 300 people have died in the unrest.
  • Clash Between Security Forces

    Clash Between Security Forces
    Four people were killed and several wounded in clashes between security forces and about 3,000 protesters in the western province of New Valley, south of Cairo.
  • Save the Revolution Day

    Save the Revolution Day
    On "Save the Revolution Day", thousands of demonstrators filled Tahrir Square for the largest protest in weeks, demanding that the ruling military council move faster to dismantle lingering aspects of the old regime
  • Mubarak

    It was announced that ousted President Hosni Mubarak and his sons would be tried over the deaths of anti-government protesters in the revolution
  • Tahir Square clashes

    There were clashes in Tahrir Square between security forces and protestors.
  • Woman March

    Woman March
    After photos and videos of women being beaten by police were widely circulated in the media, women held a march in Tahrir Square protesting their treatment by security forces.
  • Election Results

    The final results of the parliamentary elections were here. Islamists voted a large majority of the newly elected People’s Assembly, with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party winning about 47 percent of the seats in the assembly and the Nūr Party winning 25 percent.
  • Egyptian Revolution ends.

    Egyptian Revolution ends.
    President Mubarak resigns his power and hands it down to the military.
  • Period: to

    Egyptian Revolution