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Shattering Glass/bergin

By vbergin
  • Shattering Glass chapter one

    Shattering Glass chapter one
    lance picks on simon by knocking him over and scattering his pencils around and while simon is trying to get them people are scattering his pencils around as they walk by. then rob picks up one of simon's pencils and tries to give it to Glass put he wouldn't take it so rob stuck it in Glass' pocket protecter and walks away.
  • S.G. chapter 9

    S.G. chapter 9
    Rob was hot and he was cool. You know what I mean? He and blair were a couple, sure, but nobody saw it as love match. Blair used to be with lance, with Rob. ... And if being nice to Simon Glass was what it took - fine. It's like rob went to the poundand picked the ugliest dog there. because nobody else was going to after awhile, the dog kind of grows on you and you actually think that it's cute You get that, right?
    __ __
    Caroline Davids
  • S.G. Chapter 15

    Ronna told me this was all about fathers. Young's grandfather was a heart surgeon of some renown, but his father was a small town G.P. I think he saw his own shortcommings in young. bob's father wanted an athlete, Bob was the scaredest kid i've ever seen. I didn't know Rob's dad but, of course, we all heard a story Later.

    John Ronald Perry
  • S.G. Chapter 18

    S.G. Chapter 18
    "Coop stripped the paper off and looked at the small box, befuddled. " terrific, Glass. A waterford napkin ring. Just what i've always wanted."
    "That's just the box I used. open it.
    coop opened the box and there was a fake Identifatcation car. (ID). it had coop's name adress and license plate number on it but with Glass' picture on it. Glass had decided to take the act for coop.
  • S.G. Chapter 19

    young and simon decided to do a little investigating on rob and where he lives and what his life was like before b'vale highschool.
  • S.G. Chapter 20

    coop had a day off so the gang went to the beach to run his dogs. Simon was still planning on taking the act for coop but was only getting an 18 on the test.
  • S.G. Chapter 21

    Young and Ronna had some problems but are going to talk them out.