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2012 is in Your Hands: Start Shaping Your Year Now with SCP

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    Shape Your Year Now with SCP

    Get the schedulers out and start planning your year!
  • Martin Luthar King, Jr. Day

    Martin Luthar King, Jr. Day
    Make it a Day On, Not a Day off. Nonprofit Resource Center Closed.
  • Building a Website on a Budget

    Building a Website on a Budget
    Learning & Leadership Workshop There is little doubt that a website is an essential component for any nonprofit organization in order to reach constituents, volunteers and donors. However they do not have to involve a huge financial commitment.
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  • Social Media 101

    Social Media 101
    Learning & Leadership Workshop Have you been wondering what all the fuss is about with social media and how it might help your nonprofit? If so, this is the class for you. Register Now!
  • Speaker’s Bureau

    Speaker’s Bureau
    We'll be starting this free service focused on educating the public about the many rservices, resources and tools available on ConnectVA. We'll come to you, schedule a speaker!
  • Presidents Day

    Presidents Day
    Nonprofit Resource Center closed.
  • QuickBooks: The Basics

    QuickBooks: The Basics
    Learning & Leadership Workshop Want to save money and time by streamlining your accounting tasks? Register Now!
  • The Art of Cultivation

    The Art of Cultivation
    Learning & Leadership Workshop Cultivation is often the most underrated step in building donor relationships and if done properly, will make "the ask" much easier. Register Now!
  • Filling Board Vacancies

    Filling Board Vacancies
    Learning & Leadership Workshop Finding ideal board candidates who are willing and able to make the commitment to be effective board members can be an ongoing challenge for nonprofit leaders. Register Now!
  • Creative Problem Solving

    Creative Problem Solving
    Learning & Leadership Workshop The ability to creatively solve problems allows people to continuously improve their work processes and eliminate stumbling blocks to their performance and satisfaction at work. Register Now!
  • ConnectVA Luanch

    ConnectVA Luanch
  • The Basics of Grant Writing

    The Basics of Grant Writing
    Are you feeling lost in the maze of successful grant writing? Do you often wonder where to start? Or, do you find yourself pondering what it is that they (grantmakers) really want in a grant application? Register Now!
  • Building Blocks for Nonprofit Board Members

    Building Blocks for Nonprofit Board Members
    Learning & Leadership Workshop As volunteer leaders, board members play an important role in the success of our community-based organizations. They also have significant legal and ethical responsibilities to their constituents, staff, and communities. Register Now!
  • Tri-Cities/Southside Conference

    Tri-Cities/Southside Conference
    Be sure to attend SCP's first annual Southside Conference. Details to come, sign up for event notification!
  • Memorial Day

    Memorial Day
    Nonprofit Resource Center Closed