2011 & On

  • New Year's Day

    Woke up with my favorite people, had a good time with great friends.
  • Back to School

    Caught up with all school friends, talked about everything over break and made plans for all week.
  • Car Accident

    Driving to school wrecked. Went into ICU.
  • Surgery

    4 screws and 2 rods were put into my spine.
  • Back to School

    Came back to school after 3 months.
  • Adopted Bentley

    Adopted my first puppy.
  • Votech's Prom

    Went to my second prom.
  • Woodstowns Prom

    Went to Woodstown's Prom
  • Started Work

    Started working at Old Cedar Campground.
  • 18th Birthday!

    Spent home alone... with family in Florida.
  • New Year's Eve

    Spent with family, Matt, Allyson, Kirsten, Collin, and Mike & their families.
  • 2nd Back Surgery

    Had the screws and rods removed.