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  • construction order

    construction order
    In 1785, Fernando de Gálvez (New Spain Viceroy) gave the order to build a castle in Chapultepec forest.
  • end of the construction

    end of the construction
    By the time the building was finished, the viceroy was already dead, so the mexico´s town hall acquired the building
  • Military school

    Military school
    The building was abandoned since it was acquired by the mexican government, so a military school was established by the president Manuel Gómez Pedraza.
  • American intervention

    American intervention
    In the american intervention, the castle was used by the last defense batallion, causing damage to the building, and the death of several cadets and militars. Finally, the war ended with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  • "Guerra de Reforma"

    "Guerra de Reforma"
    The castle was used as the presidential palace by the president Miguel Miramon during the "Guerra de Reforma" during this period, new habitations were built.
    The military school was restored because of the end of the war in 1861
  • Second mexican empire

    Second mexican empire
    Maximilian I chose the castle as his residence as the emperor.
    The emperor remodeled the castle. The castle was filled with ornaments and furniture gifted by Napoleon III.
  • "Porfiriato"

    The president Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada used the castle as the presidential residence, it was also used with this purpose by Porfirio Días in the period known as "el porfiriato", which was a period of 30 years when Porfirio Días occupied the presidence. At the same time, the castle was also used as a Military school.
    Several remodelations were also made.
  • Mexican revolution

    Mexican revolution
    The castle was used as the presidential residence for the most part of the mexican revolution, and after the revolution, it was also used with the same purpose by the president Francisco I. Madero
  • "La Decena Trágica"

    "La Decena Trágica"
    This was a period of 10 days of a coup d´etat by the military.
    At the start of "La Decena Trágica", the president Francisco I. Madero made a march known as "Marcha de la lealtad" from the castle to the centre of Mexico City escorted by cadets of the military school.
  • Present

    The castle was used as a ceremony hall after the dictatorship of Victoriano Huerta.
    Since the 27th of September of 1944, it had been used as a national museum. This change brought several remodelations to the castle such as: sculptures, paintings, thematic objects, etc.