19th Century Reform

  • American Colonization Society

    1822 settled in Liberia
  • Period: to

    Genre Painting

    Portray of everyday life.
  • Revivialism in New York

    Charles Finney appeald to people's emotions and fear of damnation.
  • American Temperance Society

    Ministers promototed to pabolish drinking
  • American Peace Society

    Aimed to abolish war
  • Mormons

    Founded by Joseph Smith. Brigham Young led them to migrate to far western frontier and established the New Zion in Utah. Practice polygamy
  • Nat Turner

    Slave revolted and killed Whites. He was hung
  • William Garrison Liberator

    It was the beginning of radical abolitionist movement
  • American Antislavery Society

    It aimed on immediate emancipation.
  • Letter on the Condition of Women and Equality of Sexes by Sarah Grimke

  • Metal hospitals by Dorothea Dix, from MA

  • Washingtonian

    They argued that alcoholism was a dsease.
  • Liberty Party

    James Birney as the candidate for president in 1840 and 1844. They only wanted to end slavery by political and legal means.
  • Brook Farm

    George Ripley aimed to achieve" a natural union between intellectua and manual labor." I twas an artistic creativity and innovative school. Emerson, Hawthorne went.
  • The North Start, antislavery journal started by Frederick Douglass

  • Seneca Falls Convention

    it was the first women rights convention. Issued "Declaration of Sentiments."
  • Oneida Community

    John Noyes established a cooperative community, aiming for a perfect social and economical equality.
  • Schools for blind by Dr Gridley. Schools for deaf by Thomas Gallaudet

  • Maine became the first state to prohibit manufacture and sale of alcohol