• World War ||

    Germany tried killing the whole population of the Jewish culture and making everything go down. Hilter thought he could rulde the "seven seas" but his life ended a bit to late. He had 150 camps, he had taken over 345 cities/towns and killed over 1.7 million people over the course of 5 years.
    He tried to make abominations ( scary surgery stuff ) and he thought his experiments would be twice as smartas before, but he realized his project "Giant Apple" would never work.
  • I want to Hold your hand

    Made it to the leaderboards for best put together song by the beatles.
  • The death of John Lennon died in 1980

    The guitarist of the beatles died from assassination in 1980 by Mark David Chapman http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_David_Chapman
  • cartoons

    in the earlier years of the 90's they actually had good cartoons, now adays they ave terrible, cuz the animatiob sucks and it isnt worth watching cuz all it is garbage. Literally it is, pointless shows about drama or just nosense. #BringBackBoomarangTelevision
  • Day of being born

    I was born in Altus Oklahoma, in the middle of no where but i dont remeber muc, i remeber being in my Mothers arms. I ws don their for maybe like 2 months and then my dad came to get me and brought me back to Minne(snowta)sota and ive lived here ever since.
  • Elementary School

    I went to to Tatanka cuz i live in the area, it was my favorite place of al time. good memories where made their. Made so many friends it was insane. ( most of my friends are from their ) but i loved it, when i get to the highschool ill try to be a classroom helper their.
  • Elementary #2

    In 5th grade. I moved to a horrible school called Northwinds, honesly i dont even know anyone who would enjoy that placecaleld a school. Made memories i wont forget ( they're nice people that worked their and i thank them cuz they were super nice to me which i thank them for that ) but other thank that, everybody thought they where the top dog of everything and everybody was cocky and if you werent good at soemthing nobody was friends wih you. thats hwo it worked there
  • Middle School

    Oh man was I so glad to some here, but i lied to mself again. everybody was fighting eachother over a girl/boy, everybody losted their friends so they needed to get new ones.. all the populr people where friends, all the outcasts are friends, all the annoying kids ( including me ) are friends. It's how middleschool works
  • Vacation

    My family and I went to Montana in a single trip in a car ride. We stopped in Colorado and Red Lodge, it was a blast of a trip but dang was it a long one. HAd a very fun time though, so high up in the mountains looking down and seeing animals that live on top of the mountains too, they were cute too. one of them looked like Pikachu from Pokemon.
  • Highschool

    It's somewhat in the future cuz next year ( schools years ) i'll be their and ill be driving a car that summer and it'll be a blast, new classes and new friends = chaos or fun either or, i'll make the most of it. The other reason im so hapy is cuz after highschool.. NO MORE SCHOOL! well unless i go to college then i have another 6 years which sems outrageous but eh, gotta take risks to live your own life, if you want to be good at something you gotta practice to subject.

    It'd be kinda scary.. technology taking over and ruling US, would pretty ang hard. They can never die unless you throw a EMP up in the skt and everything goes haywire. I think it wont happen but f it does we as mankind would be screwed cuz we would have nothng to look for or after.
  • College

    I want to go to college for music and technical research ( if i ever make it that is )
  • Being a Father

    I want to be a father at the age of 36 ( might seem a bit weird but since the economy is down it'd be hard to live with a child no-a-days and id rather not end up the show with my 'Girlfriend" on 16 and pregnant because thats just a stupid show and its sad that kids think that they need to do that early in their life. Life isn't cheap and never will be. Gotta be thankful for what you have and save for what you need.
  • Floaty Chairs ( like in WALL-E )

    I'd love them so much, but i think i might get to be too old for that. Our technology has advanced so much its insane, we can fly into space and come back. ( We may even get to see Aliens ) but you never know, it'd be a blast to live in space.. but of course you got to have oxygen and stuff. Or maybe dinosaurs come back to life too, hopefully they dont eat us because that would such. ( T-Rex's always win even though their hands are so short )