1950 - 2012 Technology

By Natasu
  • Period: to


  • First Digital wristwatch

    First Digital wristwatch
    To tell the time, also easy to use. On your wrist so it’s with you wherever you go.
  • cardiac pacemaker

    cardiac pacemaker
    Electrical device that uses electrical impulses to regulate the heartbeat.
  • Laser Printer

    Laser Printer
    To print out pages that holds information. Saves time because you don’t have to write.
  • Floppy disk

    Floppy disk
    Used to save information in a file. Can be pictures, games, or even work.
  • First laptop

    First laptop
    Computer designed for mobile use. Relatively small and light weight.
  • Flat screen TV

    Flat screen TV
    Watch movies, news, shows etc. for entertainment.
  • xbox 360

    xbox 360
    A device connected to the tv and used to play games
  • Iphone 4S

    Iphone 4S
    A mobile phone used to listen to music, call others, take photos, play games, texting others etc.
  • Ipad 2

    Ipad 2
    A device used to listen to music, play games, taking photos etc.
  • Original nintendo ds

    Original nintendo ds
    Portable game console. Used for playing games.