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By NateJKJ
  • Minimum Wage Increase

    Minimum Wage Increase
    Minimum wage today is $7.25. Back in 1943 minimum wage started out at 33 cents an hour. Then it increased to 45 cents an hours. Tweleve cents back then was a lot of money to people.
  • Average price for a car

    Average price for a car
    Back in 1943 the average price for a new car was only a whopping 900 dollars. That's ridiculous compared to how much cars are now
  • World War II

    World War II
    In 1943 World War II was going on and about. That war was one of the most deadliest wars of all time.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    At the start of 1943, the Great Depression had ended
  • The Pentagon

    The Pentagon
    In 1943 what was considered to be the world's largest office building the pentagon was completed.
  • U.S taking control

    U.S taking control
    In this glorious year the U.S a.k.a the greatest country on the planet took control of Guadalcanal.
  • New tax introduced

    New tax introduced
    In 1943 there was a new method of tax that was introduced. It was called " Pay As You Go tax".
  • Balance of Trade

    Balance of Trade
    In 1950 the balance of trade in the U.S was brought into play.
  • The discover of DNA

    DNA was discovered during this year.
  • McDonalds

    In 1955 one of the largest and most successful fast food resturants was founded. McDonalds, I'm Lovin It.
  • Inflation Rate

    Inflation Rate
    During this year the USA yearly inflation rate was 1.52%.