• Period: to

    Commercial fertilizer use: 6,599,913 tons/year

  • Period: to

    Agricultural exports: $765 million/year or 32% of total exports

  • Most african americans where unemployed.

  • ex slaves where interviewd. 36-38

    ex slaves where interviewd. 36-38
    over 2,300 slaves across the south of the u.s where interviewed by writers and journalist.
  • Cooperative organized for artificial insemination of dairy cattle

  • Agricultural Adjustment Act provides acreage allotments and quotas, ever-normal granary, price-supporting loans, regional research laboratories, and Federal crop insurance

  • Motor Carried Act brings trucking under ICC regulation

  • Food stamp plan begun

  • Many former southern sharecroppers migrate to war-related jobs in cities

  • One farmer supplies 10.7 people

  • Acreages of crops, such as oats, required for horse and mule feed drop sharply as farms use more tractors

  • Agricultural exports: $2.42 billion/year or 22% of total exports

  • Many former southern sharecroppers migrate to war-related jobs in cities

  • Congress of Racial Equality

    a U.S civil rights organization that played a pivotal role for African Americans in the Civil Rights movement
  • Shoe Rationing

    Shoe rationing begins in the USA, limiting civilians to three pairs of leather shoes per year.
  • Meat Rationing

    Meat rationing begins in the USA and is set at 28oz per week.
  • Swiss cheque

    A U.S. Delegate hands the Swiss a cheque for $1m as reparations for the accidental bombing of Schaffhausen.
  • Capture/M.I.A.

    The USA issue's its casualty figures to the 21st December 1944 as 135,323 killed, 362,824 wounded, 75,844 missing and 64,148 captured.