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  • I was a 2nd grader at Barbara Jordan Elemantary

    Barbara Jordan Elemantary is in Houston
  • we moved to San Benito from Houston

    we use to live in houston but we moved down to San Benito becuasemy dads company moved him,or us.
  • began my first year in middle school

    i went to berta cabaza middle school.
  • my 5th grade graduation

  • my school (idea san benito) was opened

    i dont know wat day it was opened
  • My 13th bithday!

    i had finally turned 13,im finally a teen. =)
  • Past all my TAKS test for 7th grade

    i passed all my TAKS test..math,reading,and writing.
  • future 11th grader

    im going to be in 11th grade at Idea San Benito
  • going to be in 12th grade