5 years from the past and future

Timeline created by ayaito
  • my birthday

    it was my 7th birthday
  • i went to new orleans

  • I bought a puppy

    i bought a puppy- cocker spaniel
  • I went to seaworld

    i went to sea world
  • i went to disney world in florida for christmas and happy new year

  • i went to japan to visit my friends and family

  • i went to san antonio

  • I moved from McAllen to Harlingen

  • I moved into a new house


  • i started idea san benito

  • Christmas

    i went to dallas for christmas and happy new years


  • outdoor school field lesson

    i went to the outdoor school camp located in Marble Falls. We worked in team building there, and slept in cabins,and swam in lakes.
  • I started timetoast

  • Award's Ceremony

    I went on a field trip to the chandelir place to do the ceremony for awards.
  • South padre

    I went to South Padre and went to the ocean
  • Last day of school

    The last day of school for the 2008~2009 school year (6th grade). starting school again on august 24~25th.
  • NWEA testing

    We took our 2nd NWEA testing of the school year. WE took the math, reading, and language tests.
  • starting school

    I'm starting the 2009~2010 school year for 7th grade in IDEA SAN BENITO.

    Taks testing for 7th grade. The math, reading, and writing tests.
  • going to 8th grade

  • 8th grade

    Starting 8th grade
  • going to college