1910-1919 Fashion, sports, entertainment, and history!!

  • Dance

    The ballroom decade is a common name for the 1910's.
  • Women Fashion

    Women Fashion
    Women of the 1910's wore vibrant dresses and preferred fluffy hats and carried parasols.
  • Period: to


  • Boy Scouts and Campfire Girls are founded

    Boy Scouts and Campfire Girls are founded
    The boy scouts were founded for young men to train for the military. The Campfire girls were founded to enforce womens' rights.
  • Baseball

    The President (William Howard Taft) threw the first pitch of a baseball game and started a tradition.
  • Silent movies

    Silent movies
    Silent movies became popular by D.W. Griffith. some of his popular films were The Birth of a Nation, Intolerance, Broken Blossoms, Way Down East, and Orphans of the Storm.
  • First air conditioner invented

    The first air conditioner was invented to cool houses in the west. This household appliance was invented by Willis Haviland Carrier.
  • First Indy 500

    First Indy 500
    The first Indy 500 took place in 1911. This is a car race, and the first winner was Ray Harroun.
  • Oreos invented!

    Oreos invented!
    The oreos were invented by the cookie company Nabisco. After the invention, they ventured out to create double stuf, halloween, and christmas editions. Today, they are the best selling cookie in America!
  • The Jungle Book

    The Jungle Book
    Rudyard Kipling was the nobel prize winning author of The Jungle Book.
  • The Titanic sinks

    The Titanic sinks
    The Titanic sinks at 1:20 a.m. there were 2,227 passengers on the ship. Out of those people, 1,513 died.
  • New fashion for women

    Right before the war began, the fashion became looser without corsets. The skirts became shorter as women started to take over mens jobs and work in factories.
  • The Armory Show

    The Armory Show
    The first showing of modern European art in America, held in the 69th regiment's amory in NYC.
  • The Panama Canal completed

    The Panama Canal completed
    The French Government began the construction of the Panama Canal in 1881, but ended unsuccessfully. In 1904 the U.S. congress picked up the project.
  • World War 1

    World War 1 began in August and killed 100,000 American soldiers. The U.S. got involved in 1917. Germany offered Mexico an alliance to help them regain Texas, New Meixo, and Arizona.
  • First use of poisonous gas in warfare

    First use of poisonous gas in warfare
    The poison gas was first used by Germany during world War 1.
  • Jack Johnson

    Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson became the first Black heavyweight champion.
  • Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein proposes a the general theory of relativity.
  • The United States enters WWI

    In 1917 the U.S entered WW1 as an ally.
  • The Prohibition began

    The Prohibition began
    When alcohol was announced illegal, people began to make their own concoctions. Gangs made bootlegging popular, or the smuggling of alcohol.
  • Austria

    Austria becomes a republic.
  • Influenza epidemic

    Influenza epidemic
    The worldwide influenza epidemic killed 675,000 americans, and 50 million people worldwide.
  • Grocery list!

    1 pound apples $0.11

    $0.11 2 pounds roast $0.19

    $0.38 3 pounds steak $0.20

    $0.60 1 pound bread $0.05

    $0.05 1 pound butter $0.39

    $0.39 3 pounds chicken $0.19

    $0.57 1 pound coffee $0.20

    $0.20 1 dozen eggs $0.36

    $0.36 2 half gallon milk $0.17

    $0.34 bushel of potatoes $0.40

    $0.40 1 pound rice $0.08

    $0.08 1 pound sugar $0.05

    $0.05 Total