1900_- 200

  • 1900

    The turn of the new century.
  • king umberto killed

    Italys king is assasinated, he was killed by an anarchist. two years after umberto commited the bacca massacres.
  • hague convention

    the ten rules of war were creating. they protect innocent people rights in time of war.
  • halleys comet

    halleys comet is viewed for the first time photographically.
  • Cleve Indian Addie Joss wins 2nd no-hitter beating White Sox

  • ww1

    ww1 started as austria declares wa on serbia.
  • Pancho Villa Retires

    a famous mexican revolutionary leader, who advocates for the poor
  • Tomb of King Tut Discovered

    howard carter found a step in ancient ruins that led to the tomb
  • Babe Ruth Makes Home-Run Record

    babae ruth hit 60 homeruns in one season
  • Pluto

    the planet pluto was dicovered byclyde tambough
  • The Dust Bowl

    a decadeof drought and soil erosion
  • 1936 Olympic Games

    even though countries didnt particiate cause of hitlers views , the games still went on.
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    a japenese suprise aereil attack on a usnavy base.
  • the warsaw ghetto uprising

    the jews in wasaw fought violently against the germans trieng to capture them.
  • Slinky Toy Hits Shelves

    a scientist dropped a spring on yje ground.
  • first color tv intoduced.

    cbs introduced the firt color tv show, but everyone still had a black and white tv.
  • disney land opens

    opened to the public in anahiem clifornia.
  • legos intoduced.

    the first toy bricks intoduced in germany,
  • berlin wall

    the wall seperating east ermany from the rest of germany was constructed,
  • jfk assasinated

    the president was assasinated riding in a car during a parade
  • MLK assasinated

    the leader of civil right assasinated in memphis
  • first man on the moon

    neil armstorno becomes the first man on the moon
  • terrorists attack olympics

    black september terrorist group attack munich
  • earthquake kills 240000

    tangshan china is hit by an earthquake.
  • mt saint helens

    the worst volcanic disaster in us history,
  • titanic found

    wreck of the ship that crashed in 1912 found.
  • chernobyl

    reactor 4 in ukrain exploded causing long term effects
  • president bush hates broccoli

    president bush annouces that he does not like the vegetable and never has.
  • pricess dies

    princess diana dies in a car crash.
  • y2k

    year 2000 bug was set because people figured computers automatically put 19 in front of the ate,