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In History
  • Election of Rutherford B. Hayes

  • The Battle of Little Bighorn

    Also known as Custer's Last Stand. Between Native Americans and Americans.
  • The Great Railroad Strike of 1877

    Workers fought after their wages were lowered.
  • Election of James Garfield

  • Founding of the Red Cross

  • Election of Grover Cleveland

  • Haymarket Riot

    Workers protested for 8-hour workdays but it was turned violent.
  • Election of Benjamin Harrison

  • The Mississippi Plan

    Made it extremely difficult for black people to vote.
  • Populist Party formed

  • The Homestead Strike

    A battle between strikers and private security agents.
  • Henry Ford's first automobile

  • Election of William McKinley

  • The Spanish-American War

    The conflict between Spain and America in Cuba.